Weekly Favorites

portrait coffeeI have been thinking for a while now about a weekly item to blog about, something that I could stick to instead of dumping it after a week. I love looking back on my week; what were my favorite things? So I decided to share a list of the best things about what I did or discovered during the week.

  • Best article I found on the internet: this article on Bored Panda about an artist that uses nature to let his paper cuttings come to life (really love this!)
  • Favorite drink/food: hot chocolate! It’s that time of the year again. I went to Chocolate Company in Haarlem and tried a hazelnut/citrus hot chocolate, so so good!
  • Song of the week: Drag by Day Wave. Just discovered Day Wave on Spotify this week. (listen to it below)
  • Best coffee of the week: this morning I had a nice cappuccino (+tiny Tony = best Dutch Chocolate) with Rene at Portrait, my favorite concept store in Haarlem.
  • Favorite pin on Pinterest: New York Citybecause we’re going back to this amazing city in the summer of 2016!

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