Weekly Favorites #4

Favorite coffee #4

Last week has been a very busy week. My to do list never seemed to get to an end and I felt a little bit stressed out. On friday I decided that I should slow it down a bit, so I took a moment to calm down which helped me to get my head clear again. I worked a little more on friday evening and on saturday which helped me to meet my deadlines. The good things of this week:

  • Best coffee of the week: this coffee made at home. The beans were from Stooker Roasting co and I used my chemex to brew the coffee.
  • Favorite drink/food: a well deserved glass of whiskey on saturday evening. We’ve bought a bottle of The Naked Grouse (from The Famous Grouse) a while ago.
  • Favorite pin on Pinterest: this morning scene with croissants. I love croissants so much!
  • Best article I found on the internet: this article on Bleubird about arguing between couples and making compromises. The comments are also quite interesting!

croissant pin

  • Song of the week: Slow Show by Coeur de Pirate,  this is the best cover of a song by the National I’ve ever heard!

One Thought on “Weekly Favorites #4

  1. Marlou Saris on November 16, 2015 at 6:12 pm said:

    oooh Coeur de Pirate ben ik echt helemaal vergeten, snel weer luisteren! <3

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