Weekly Favorites #3

Coffee BruI really love the bright and warmer autumn days that we’re getting these last couple of days. Here are some favorite things from last week:

  • Best coffee of the week: this cappuccino from Coffee Bru that we enjoyed outside. We also shared a piece of carrot cake, which looked delicious but sadly didn’t taste as good as it looked.
  • Favorite drink/food: chocolate bars and fudge that we bought at Stach for Halloween night. I really love the packaging of these yummy chocolate bars. The fudge packaging has been illustrated by Gemma Correll. One of my favorite illustrators who makes funny and cute illustrations.

stach chocolate

  • Best article I found on the internet: this article about photography and traveling written by Angélica on her blog Fernweh Forevermore. Also check out her blog for more stories and beautiful pictures.
  • Favorite pin on Pinterest: this Volkswagen van driving in the woods, because I love to dream about going on a roadtrip in a van like this. *One day, one day..*VW van in the woods

  • Song of the week: Curt by I Am Oak. Perfect tune for a sunny Autumn day.

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