Weekend scenes

We asked for an early spring but we got an early summer weekend instead! Saturday was the warmest 8 March ever in the Netherlands! Today was even warmer, the temperature climbed to 20 degrees today. If someone had told me last weekend that I would take a barefoot walk on the beach this weekend I would’ve said that they were completely insane. I wore my summer blouse at the beach (no sleeves!). Wow, I’m still amazed how you can go from wearing a sweater, wintercoat and scarf to this amazing beach weather.
beard doodlemarket groceries

Saturday started with breakfast and this hairy beard man doodle. We had our garden doors open for the first time. After breakfast we went to the saturday market to do some groceries. We worked in the garden for the rest of the afternoon (it needs some serious work!) We had a lovely dinner using some of the groceries from the market and enjoyed some beers. The rest of the evening Rene played a game while I read a book on the couch.

This morning I read the wonderful weekend issue of Kinfolk in bed while looking at Rene, who was still asleep. We had a bowl of Honey Loops for breakfast and made ourselves some yummy sandwiches for the bike ride we’ve planned. We had a nice bike ride of 40 km in the dunes and stopped at the beach of Noordwijkerhout. We ate our sandwiches while we sat at the beach and enjoyed the warm sun rays.



DSC00070DSC00013DSC00019 2DSC00056DSC00044DSC00065One of the best weekends in March ever, I would say.


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