Weekend Adventures

Last Sunday was the most perfect Spring day; warm, sunny and almost windless. Our morning was a slow one, spent at the table drinking coffee and reading magazines. With the sun warming up our living room fast we decided that we had to go outside to soak up this warm sunlight. We took our bikes and cycled to the dunes. I always love to go there to enjoy the quietness and the sounds of nature. As I could’ve predicted we weren’t the only ones that wanted to enjoy this warm and sunny day exploring nature. So it wasn’t as quiet as it normally is, but nonetheless very beautiful.

While cycling we encountered a group of Scottish Highland cows walking in the middle of the cycle path. We slowly passed them sideways and were so close I could’ve touched one of their big horns. Slightly scary, but so cool! I took this picture of a pretty female cow with a white belly. I think she’s pregnant. I’ve never spotted them in the Kennemer Dunes before so it made my heart so happy to finally see them (+ this close).

Looking forward to more weekend adventures like this.

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