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The first of December


Happy 1st of December! I can’t believe it’s finally December and Christmas will be in about three weeks. I have been in the festive mood for at least two weeks already. Last weekend we decided to put up the Christmas tree, as I simply couldn’t wait any longer. On Sunday morning we got out all the boxes out and started decorating the tree while we listened to the new Christmas album by She & Him (so good!) and drank hot chocolate. The weeks leading up to Christmas are always my favourite because everything looks so cozy with all the Christmas lights and candles on.

I also hear a lot of people around me who have trouble to get into the festive mood this year. Some tips to help you find your Christmas spirit:

  • Invite your friends over and prepare a nice dinner together – plus play some board/card games after dinner
  • Go bake a cake or cookies
  • Light a ton of candles at night and make yourself some hot chocolate
  • Watch a Christmas movie on Netflix. Some movies that always get me in the festive mood in early December are Serendipity, The Holiday and The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Listen to Christmas music. I love to listen to both Christmas albums by She & Him and also Smith & Burrows
  • Bundle up and go for a walk after dinner. It’s nice to look at all the Christmas lights and also to peek inside people’s houses and see them cozying up inside
  • Search for the best new Christmas commercials on the internet. I loved this one from H&M¬†directed by Wes Anderson and starring Adrien Brody. Another one I really liked was the one from Marks and Spencer