September In Photos

A collection of photo’s that I posted on my Instagram in September:
carrotcake-at-berryOn the first Saturday of September we went to Amsterdam and had coffee and carrot cake at Berry. Secretly wanted to steal that plate!pilea-from-wildernisThat same Saturday I also finally found a Pilea peperomioides at my favourite place to shop for plants: Wildernis. It grows really fast so I’m probably able to take some cuttings from it next week (and start my new pilea family).livingstone-coffee-amersfoortamersfoortRene works from home 1 day every week so instead of working from home we went to Amersfoort. We worked at Livingstone Coffee, a lovely small coffee place in the heart of the city center. It was very quiet and relaxed (a very nice change compared to Amsterdam or Utrecht) and we both got a lot of work done.mornings-in-bedAt this time of the year, I love to have coffee or tea in bed in the mornings. On bright days the sun enters our bedroom in the morning and I love to wake up to the warm sunlight.fig-seasonFig season started this month and they are my favourite breakfast compared with yoghurt and honey roasted the afternoon the sunlight hits our living room and it always amazes me how fast the light changes in September. It’s getting much sharper and I really love it.rozet-arnhemTalking about sharp light. I took this photo when we went to Arnhem to visit my sister. These are the stairs of Rozet, the big library in Arnhem. I used to live in Arnhem (from 2007 till 2010) and I was amazed by how much has changed.

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