We’re moving!

After a long search we suddenly found a new apartment earlier this month. We have lived in Haarlem for about 2,5 years and we absolutely love this city. The apartment that we rented has been for sale for years and since the start of this year we saw a big increase in potential buyers. So we decided it was time for us to start searching for a new place to call home. We found a perfect new place but unfortunately it’s not in Haarlem. We’re moving to Hilversum, which is not the most exciting city but it is still very close to Amsterdam and also to Utrecht and Amersfoort (which really makes me happy). Another big plus is that our new apartment is bigger (two bedrooms!) and super close to the forest (hello Sunday morning walks!).

Hilversum will be my fifth city to live in and might be the last one for now in the Netherlands. We have been thinking for a while to move to Berlin somewhere in the next two/three years. So from Hilversum we’ll figure that out!

We will start moving on Monday so this weekend will be reserved for packing everything. I can’t wait to give all of our stuff a new place and to buy lots and lots of new plants.

A Week In The Czech Republic #2

Snow 1While it’s storming outside today, I finally sit down to scroll through the many photos I shot in March when we were in the Czech Republic. I realise how lucky we were with this fresh blanket of snow and how happy it made us. We went on a long walk through small country roads and made our way into a beautiful forest. It was so calming and I wish I could teleport back to the moment where we stood on the top of a small mountain overlooking lots of white tree tops.

Snow 2Snow 3Snow 5Snow 8Snow 11Snow 9Snow 4Snow 13Snow 14


Weekend Adventures

Last Sunday was the most perfect Spring day; warm, sunny and almost windless. Our morning was a slow one, spent at the table drinking coffee and reading magazines. With the sun warming up our living room fast we decided that we had to go outside to soak up this warm sunlight. We took our bikes and cycled to the dunes. I always love to go there to enjoy the quietness and the sounds of nature. As I could’ve predicted we weren’t the only ones that wanted to enjoy this warm and sunny day exploring nature. So it wasn’t as quiet as it normally is, but nonetheless very beautiful.

While cycling we encountered a group of Scottish Highland cows walking in the middle of the cycle path. We slowly passed them sideways and were so close I could’ve touched one of their big horns. Slightly scary, but so cool! I took this picture of a pretty female cow with a white belly. I think she’s pregnant. I’ve never spotted them in the Kennemer Dunes before so it made my heart so happy to finally see them (+ this close).

Looking forward to more weekend adventures like this.

March In Photos

Sunshine in our homeMarch began when I was in the Czech Republic to finally enjoy some real snow. Early March I also got struck by the worst flu I’ve had in years. I was bound to the bed with a high fever for a whole week. After that terrible week was over, it got a little bit worse because the harddisk from my iMac was dying on me. Luckily a local computer shop could fix me up with a new one in under 24 hours and now my iMac is faster than ever! After all those bad things it was time for some good things to happen.

March was beginning to show some first signs of Spring. Sunshine, singing birds making nests in the tree in our garden, flowers and trees that are slowly starting to bloom. What’s not to love? I’m looking forward to the warmer days so I can soak up as much sunlight as I possibly can.

Coffee at Native

After being in bed for a week I was longing for a long walk in the city. We went for a coffee at this new place called Native which made me think of Berlin. They serve coffee from White Label, which I really love.
Breakfast in bed

A very lazy Sunday started with pancakes in bed. Also really like the latest edition of Flow magazine, look at that beautiful illustration on the cover!
Rooftops Haarlem

On a grey but still beautiful day, I decided to climb some stairs to enjoy this view over the orange rooftops of Haarlem.Morning sceneBreakfast with avocado

I’m addicted again to scrambled eggs with avocado, so good!

Bloemstraat Amsterdam

As I looked back at this photo I realised how much I enjoy Amsterdam when it’s grey outside. It just suits the city very well, don’t you think?
Latte at KOKOAfter a long time I went by KOKO again for a latte. Always a pleasure and a big recommendation to go visit whenever you’re in Amsterdam.

Easter morning

Easter 1

As a big fan of breakfast, I love to have a big breakfast on Easter morning. My parents joined us again this year for a traditional and cozy morning at the table. This year we might’ve overdone the chocolate part though as I even started to get headaches this week, I think due to a chocolate overdosis (whoops). So I’m actually glad we can go back to a chocolate free week again after today. Easter 2 Easter 3 Easter 4

Look at this little rhubarb strawberry jam that I bought, it’s so cute!

Easter 6Hope you all had a lovely Easter! ♥

A Week In The Czech Republic #1

Czech Republic 1

At the end of February we went on a week trip to the Czech Republic with our family. We stayed in a house at the brink of a small village called Žacléř. The village lies in the North of the Czech Republic within walking distance from the border with Poland. I have been to the Czech Republic several times visiting Prague, Brno and the beautiful castle Karlštejn among other things. The bigger cities are looking stunning with their characteristic architecture, but outside of the cities you come across many abandoned buildings and houses. However a lot of these buildings are in a bad state and could use an overhaul. The houses are in all different colors- some are yellow, others are green or blue. It gives off a somewhat moody atmosphere, which I really seem to like these days. We arrived on a grey Saturday afternoon and went for a little walk. It hadn’t snowed much yet when we arrived (although the ski pistes were open). A little further up the road from where we were staying we found a little bit more snow which made me so happy. It was already more snow than we’ve had seen in the last three years in the Netherlands.

Czech Republic 2

Czech Republic 4Czech Republic 3

We went to bed early that evening, everyone tired from the 10 hour trip of that day. We woke up early and I looked out of the window to feel my heart pounding; I was looking at a beautiful white winter wonderland! I decided to make a quick cup of coffee and to drink it outside, something I really enjoy doing whenever it’s snowing. I loved to finally hear the snow crackle under my snowboots again. Later that day we hired snowboards and ski’s to go down to the piste for the first time.

Czech Republic 5Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

February in Photos

New Tea From Teastreet

February hasn’t been a very good month for me so I’m happy March is here and I’m so ready for some early Spring days. We ordered tea from Teastreet after drinking it at Friday Next in Amsterdam. We received our order the following day including a handwritten thank you card (love that!). Their chamomile tea is my  favorite tea at the moment.


February was the month of tulips. I bought tulips every week and they made me so happy in spite of all the bad things that happened.

Overtoom Amsterdam

On a Saturday in Amsterdam I spotted these pretty houses on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. I especially love the architecture of that house in the middle!

Rainy Sunday and Bananabread

Favorite Alley in HaarlemHaarlem

I really like to explore the hidden alley’s in Haarlem, this one is by far my favorite. It’s always so green no matter what season we’re in and it must be amazing to live in one of these houses.

Coffee and Cake at Mica

At Mica we had coffee and cake.Prinsengracht AmsterdamAmsterdam portrait

I found some pretty bikes while wandering the streets of Amsterdam.

Zacler, Czech RepublicFebruary ended with us travelling to the Czech Republic for a week of snowboarding and skiing. When we arrived it hadn’t snowed yet but it looked so pretty thanks to all these moody colours. More photos from our trip are coming later this week.

Tulip season

tulips landscape

Although I’m not the biggest flower lover out there, I’m crazy about tulips. It’s something about their colors and elegant look that makes me so happy. Maybe it’s also the longing for Spring with it’s bright light and everything blooming. I picked up these beautiful pink tulips with soft white edges to cheer up the house.

I’m packing my suitcase today for a week of snowboarding and skiing in the Czech Republic. It will be my first time snowboarding and I’m really looking forward to it. We bring a GoPro with us so we can film some beautiful shots in the mountains. Expect some blogposts about our trip when we get back in early March.

Have a good weekend!

tulips portrait

January in Photos

Morning Scene with Kinfolk Home

We’re more than a week into February and this month didn’t start as I hoped it would. I’ve been laying in bed (+couch) for almost 5 days thanks to my second visit to the dental surgeon. I’ve been having so much pain that it made me cry several times last week. I’m still taking painkillers as we speak, although I managed to lower it from 3 to 1 a day. I’m taking one before I go to sleep so I can at least sleep through the night without any pain. I really hope the pains will soon disappear and that I will be able to eat normally again.

When I looked back on January last week it made me happy so I thought of sharing some photo’s that I took last month.

Early January I ordered The Kinfolk Home book from some gift vouchers I got for my birthday in December. I really love the Kinfolk magazines and also the first book The Kinfolk Table so this new book was something I’ve had on my wishlist for a while. And I absolutely adore it! I slowly read all the stories about the featured homes when I’m drinking my coffee in the morning.

in bed

red house + parked bike

On a Saturday we went for a long walk between some wintry showers and came across this beautiful red house. In December we discovered a brand new coffee bar in Haarlem that had just opened up. We visited Mica several times in January and it has become our favorite coffee place. We love the window seats to watch the world go by while enjoying our coffee (I’m also crushing on all their plants).

Plants at Mica

first snowThen suddenly one morning we woke up to this winter wonderland. I was so excited and rushed outside for a walk. We don’t have much snow in the Netherlands- we used to have a lot more when I was younger- but nowadays it’s really rare. The snow on this Sunday was the tiniest bit but I didn’t care because everything looked so pretty.

slow morningsworking

January was a very productive month for me and I had a good start of the new year. I spend many hours behind my computer working but also learning new skills like the basics of making an animation in Adobe After Effects. Besides working I really enjoyed slow mornings at the table together with my love.


January was also the start of the tulip season- which always makes me longing for Spring. I came across these beautiful tulips when I spend the day in Amsterdam. That same day I also drank the cutest cappuccino ever at Trakteren.
bear cappuccino

New year, new goals


It’s a new year! The last week of 2015 me and Rene both had a week off. Normally we always go on a holiday or a citytrip whenever we have some days off but this time we just stayed at home. It was great to be at home together; we went for a beach walk, played games, went to the movies and drank a lot of coffee together. On thursday we baked a whole lot of oliebollen, it’s a traditional Dutch New Year’s treat (you can compare it to a doughnut in the shape of a snowball). We sold 40 oliebollen to people in our neighbourhood thanks to a platform for sharing food called thuis afgehaald. We baked around 100 oliebollen that day! In the evening my parents, my sister and her boyfriend came over to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us. They all slept over for 2 nights and it was so good to be together.

I’ve lost my wisdom teeth yesterday – something I’ve been afraid of for a real long time! Luckily my dental surgeon was the most friendly doctor I’ve met in years so I was really happy about that. I decided to conquer some more fears this year, because it feels so good. Here are some of my goals for 2016:

  • make a new layout for the blog
  • conquer my fear for insects (big spiders and wasps in particular)
  • learn to play guitar. I just bought the guitalele above, a Yamaha GL1, it’s a combination between a normal guitar and a ukulele. I used to play a little guitar when I was in school but just when I got the hang of it I stopped playing (so stupid!)
  • learn Spanish and Danish with the help of Duolingo
  • learn more about coffee and latte art. This thursday I’m going to do a coffee training (gift from Rene for my birthday) at one of the best coffee shops in Haarlem; Mogador
  • read 25 books (also see my Goodreads)
  • learn to animate my illustrated characters (so excited about this!)
  • learn screenprinting (I wanted to learn this last year but it didn’t happen so this year it’s a must)
  • practise my handlettering
  • go for more walks because it relaxes me and makes me more productive
  • meet new people and go on a lot of coffee dates

Other really cool things that are happening this year:

  • my brother in law that lives in Toronto will get married in August to his awesome girlfriend and they will marry in the Netherlands. Also really cool; I’ve designed their Save The Date and I’m working on a wedding website design as we speak!
  • travel to America and Canada – while this was planned for june/july, we’re not sure if we will make it in those months but we will go there somewhere this year
  • there’s a chance that at the end of February, we will be going on a winter sport trip (which means snowboarding for me, and skiing for Rene)

I hope to achieve a lot of the listed goals above, especially since there are so many new things I want to learn. Instead of the cliché resolutions like eating more healthy food or go to the gym more often I decided to focus on things I really want to learn. Learning new things is easy to achieve and it’s awesome to learn new skills! What do you want to learn in 2016?