A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Happy Friday! Netflix released yet another new show this week called ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ based on the books by Lemony Snicket (if you haven’t read them, you should!). You might have seen the movie with Jim Carrey from 2004 but I always felt that the movie was absolutely shitty compared to the books. The order of the things that happened in the movie didn’t match with the books, something I always really dislike.

This new series made by Netflix, starring Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf, however is really good. I especially like the humor but also the visual style is amazing. It reminds me a bit of Wes Anderson and Tim Burton, although this has it’s own specific visual style. So if you are looking for a new series to binge watch this weekend, I would definitely recommend this one! (you can watch the trailer below).

A series of unfortunate eventsa series of unfortunate events 2 a series of unfortunate events 3 a series of unfortunate events 4 a series of unfortunate events 5 a series of unfortunate events 6

Little Moments #2

Week #2: Some small moments that I really enjoyed this week include getting a lovely postcard in the mail from Marlou (+ confetti!), white flowers and a record collection in our Airbnb apartment in Cologne and looking up while we were standing in a hidden courtyard (can you spot the cacti collection in one of the windowsills?).


Bad Luck Versus Good Luck

Today is Friday the thirteenth and although I’m anything but superstitious, I must admit that some bad luck hit us this morning. We woke up early and as always I made my way to the kitchen to brew some coffee. I was looking through I was thinking about contacting the local Just DIY Decor to get my kitchen renovated. While I was grinding the beans Rene walked into the kitchen with a sad and painful face. He told me he had a very painful kink in the neck and the pain was quite bad. I tried to massage his muscles around the neck and shoulders in the hope it would be a relief but it didn’t do much. After a hot shower it felt a little better but his muscles were aching from his neck to his shoulders. He decided to stay home today and give it some rest. I’m really happy to say that he’s feeling much better right now and the rest today really helped, which is a relief as we leave tomorrow morning to go to Cologne for the weekend. Tomorrow we are together for five years! Can’t believe how fast the time flies by. We will stay in Cologne until Monday evening and I’m really looking forward to spend some time away together.

It wasn’t all bad luck though today as we also received this beautiful coffee pot from House Doctor in the mail. A couple of weeks ago House Doctor had a survey running and was giving out this coffee pot to 20 lucky people who had filled it in. Rene and me both filled it in and a couple of days later Rene received an e-mail that he had won one of the coffee pots (made me a very happy girlfriend).

♥ I hope your Friday was much better than ours – happy weekend you guys! ♥

Little Moments #1

For the past few months I’ve been playing around with the idea of keeping a visual diary. Inspired by the beautiful photos on blogs like 3191 miles apart and Babes In Boyland, which capture simple moments in the most perfect way, I decided to start off the new year by keeping a visual diary. I’m giving myself the challenge to take three pictures (with a decent camera, no iPhone cheating) every week of moments that describe the past week and also have a similar theme.

Week #1: There have been a lot of dark and gloomy days around here for the last couple of weeks but this week the sun came back, casting beautiful shadows around the house.

Christmas Snippets


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As Christmas is also my birthday we’ve celebrated both together with my family. This was the third time we prepared a nice 3-course dinner which is really becoming my favourite tradition. Between Christmas en New Year’s Eve Rene and I both took a week off. It was a week for sleeping in, reading books, going for walks together and playing games. We talked a lot and made plans together for the new year. We hardly traveled in 2016 (just one ski trip in february and a weekend trip to Antwerp) and we’re both hungry for new adventures. Earlier in 2016 we booked a flight to Toronto for June 2017. Rene’s brother and wife are living in Toronto so we’ll be finally paying them a visit and go on a roadtrip to the East Coast of America after that. We’ll be away for almost 4 weeks and I can’t tell you how excited I am for the trip! We want to end our roadtrip in New York to celebrate Independence Day, which is also Rene’s birthday. Hopefully we’ll be able to go on a little trip before that as well, maybe a short city trip or a little roadtrip because it’s been too long!

Personally, 2016 wasn’t the best year for me so I’m ready for 2017. But first I wanted to share some moments that I captured on Christmas Day.owl-in-the-christmas-treeWe’ve added a few new ornaments to the tree this year like this little white owl that reminds my of Hedwig from Harry Potter.december-still-lifeThis is where I spent most of my days leading up to Christmas whenever I needed a break from all the planning/groceries etc. I love to cozy up in this chair with a cup of tea, a book and that woollen blanket. birthday-cake29th-birthdayI can’t believe that I turned 29 already! Just one year left before I turn 30. Remember those moments when you were a teenager and thought that you would have figured out life whenever you turned 30? Makes me laugh every time I think about that.

For my birthday we made my favourite cake: carrot cake.cutting-the-birthday-cakechristmas-daychristmas-table-2We’ve made the Christmas menu weeks before so that we had enough time to try some of dishes to see if they were actually good. This was what we had: for starters we’ve had red lentil soup with bread. Then as the main course we had ham marinated in a honey mustard sauce with hasselback potatoes, pom’ duchesse, pears cooked in red wine with cinnamon and string beans with smoked bacon pieces. For dessert we had tiramisu with dark and white chocolate as a topping. If only I could eat this every single day!christmas-table-3

To me Christmas is always special, not only because it’s my birthday, but also because it’s the day when we always come together as a family. As we all live not very close to another it’s extra special.

November In Photos

Some snapshots from November:monstera

Our Monstera grows much better since we’ve moved into this house. It get’s so much more light and therefore also grows faster. We took cuttings from it half a year ago and they too are growing strong. The wall hanging was a DIY project that I did back in October.breakfast

Breakfast with croissants from the French bakery around the corner. Those croissants are so delicious that I’m having a hard time enjoying a normal croissant from the supermarket these days. Oh well, life is too short to enjoy bad food they say, right?autumn-in-utrecht

I have the feeling that Autumn has stayed on for a really long time this year. I took this picture at Nieuwegracht in Utrecht on an early Sunday morning walk.
canvast-poster-whalesthe-student-hotel-groningenI finally bought that canvas poster with whales on Etsy. It’s made by Arminho and I’ve had my eye on it for a long time.

On a Monday we went to Groningen to go to the concert of Matthew & the Atlas and Bear’s Den. We met up with Rene’s sister for drinks and dinner. She’s studying in Groningen and we had a nice couple of hours together. Later that evening we went to the concert and slept in The Student Hotel afterwards. The next day we explored the city which had so many new places (I used to go to Groningen very often as I grew up in Leeuwarden, which is a city very close to Groningen). Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs the whole day so we didn’t do all the things we had planned. We’ll have to go back soon!parked-bike-in-utrechthome-2homeputting-up-the-christmas-treeI really love being home these days. To light some candles, drink tea or hot chocolate and reading a good book. On the last Sunday of November we decided to put up the Christmas tree simply because I couldn’t wait any longer (thanks Instagram). November went by quite fast and I’m totally fine with that because I just can’t wait for Christmas. December will fly by, as it always does, so I’m really happy we started early with the decorations.

The first of December


Happy 1st of December! I can’t believe it’s finally December and Christmas will be in about three weeks. I have been in the festive mood for at least two weeks already. Last weekend we decided to put up the Christmas tree, as I simply couldn’t wait any longer. On Sunday morning we got out all the boxes out and started decorating the tree while we listened to the new Christmas album by She & Him (so good!) and drank hot chocolate. The weeks leading up to Christmas are always my favourite because everything looks so cozy with all the Christmas lights and candles on.

I also hear a lot of people around me who have trouble to get into the festive mood this year. Some tips to help you find your Christmas spirit:

  • Invite your friends over and prepare a nice dinner together – plus play some board/card games after dinner
  • Go bake a cake or cookies
  • Light a ton of candles at night and make yourself some hot chocolate
  • Watch a Christmas movie on Netflix. Some movies that always get me in the festive mood in early December are Serendipity, The Holiday and The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Listen to Christmas music. I love to listen to both Christmas albums by She & Him and also Smith & Burrows
  • Bundle up and go for a walk after dinner. It’s nice to look at all the Christmas lights and also to peek inside people’s houses and see them cozying up inside
  • Search for the best new Christmas commercials on the internet. I loved this one from H&M directed by Wes Anderson and starring Adrien Brody. Another one I really liked was the one from Marks and Spencer


Recipe: Honey Granola


For the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with making my own granola, after constanty taking services from Creamsta. I was actually surprised by how easy and quick you could make a batch of granola. Not only the taste is far better than the ones they have in the supermarket but it’s also much cheaper if you make it yourself. So far my favourite one is honey granola made out of oats, almonds, pecan nuts, pumpkin seeds and coconut flakes. Here’s what you’ll need for a small batch (around 3-4 servings):

  • 2 table spoons of coconut oil
  • around 200 grams of oats/rolled oats
  • a handful of almonds
  • a handful of pecan nuts
  • a handful of pumpkin seeds
  • two handful of coconut flakes
  • two/three table spoons of honey

ingredientsclose-up-ingredientsPreheat the oven to 175 degrees C/ 350 degrees F. Put around 200 grams of oats in a bowl and melt two tablespoons of coconut oil in a sauce pan. When the coconut oil turns fluid pour it over the oats while stirring it.

Chop up the almonds and pecan nuts and add them to the bowl. Add a handful of pumpkin seeds and two handful of coconut flakes. Pour two to three table spoons of fluid honey on top and mix everything well. Spread the mixture onto a baking sheet and put in the oven for at least 20-25 minutes. Stir the mixture lightly every 10 minutes. As every oven tends to be a little bit different, your granola will be ready when it turns golden.

Let it cool completely before you store it into a jar. Off course you can make a bowl straight away so that the granola will still be warm (+ very delicious!). I like to stir a drop of honey into my yoghurt first and then add the granola plus some fruit.

I hope you will love this recipe as much as I do, so please let me know when you tried it! A big plus of making this recipe is the incredible smell that will fill up your house.   bowl-1

Monday Morning Tunes


I’ve been in love with the xx for quite a while and was very excited when they recently announced a new album. The new album ‘I See You’ will be released on January 13th and after listening to this first single I hope January will be here soon. ‘On Hold’ is, like all their other songs a perfect song to work to or to listen to if you go for a run.

Have a nice Monday!

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October In Photos

This was October on my Instagram:
latte-and-croissantA quiet and grey morning enjoying a latte and croissant in my favourite chair.listening-to-recordsWe bought this Marshall box and the sound is so good! We’ve been listening a lot to this new album by Regina Spektor, go listen if you haven’t already.stach-chocolateWe’ve tasted these new chocolate bars by Stach (the left one is definitely my new favourite.overgrown-facadeurban-garden-in-amsterdamI always love to go for long walks in Amsterdam and seeing all those pretty green corners which make me so happy. Happiness truly lies in the simple and small things.pumpkins-and-heathersunny-afternoonWe bought some pumpkins and heather for the rooftop terrace and spent a lot of our time drinking tea and reading. I’ve finally read the last book of the Wildwood series and I’m a little sad because now it’s really over.parked-bikesOctober was a good month with all the nice and sunny Autumn days that we got, the pretty colours that showed up everywhere and the warmth of lots of tea, blankets and candles.