Little Moments #10

Week #10: Spring arrived with lots of sunshine and higher temperatures. I’ve had a lot of work to finish during the week so I really wanted to spend most of my time outside in the weekend. On Saturday morning Rene and I took the train to Amsterdam to have coffee and cake. We ended up going to Bar Botanique, which feels like you’re entering a tropical paradise with a lot of green and pink mixed together. The space is filled with vintage furniture and plants which also gives you the feeling like you’ve just stepped into a very big and cozy living room. Their coffee was good (served in these pretty pink cups) and the banana bread and carrot cake (3 layers!) quite yummy. After coffee and cake we walked through the East of Amsterdam all the way to West. I always love to look at the details of old houses and spotted these pretty peacock tiles in ‘De Pijp’. We visited Wildernis that done a restyle of their shop recently. They painted one of their walls with yellow ochre among some other things. We ended up buying two new plants, a calathea and a little elephant’s ear (alocasia amazonica). On Sunday we started cleaning our rooftop terrace to make it ready for Spring and drank our tea outside in the sun. Saturday was as you can see the most fun day of the week and it’s funny how just one day can recharge you in such a big way.

Friday Inspiration

For the last couple of months I’ve become more and more interested in home interiors. I love browsing the internet for inspiration and to have a look into other people’s houses. There’s a certain magic in the way that every space has it’s own identity, decorated with the things that we love. This week I’ve been eyeing the pretty living room make over from Our Food Stories in their countryside flat. Especially love that small workspace corner!

Little Moments #9

Week #9: it was such a fun week (in which I finally managed to bring the camera with me outside again) that I ended up with several nice photos. A small summary of the best things: I went to a paper plants workshop in the Snorfabriek in Utrecht (which was super fun!) with sweet Marlou, went for 4 longer walks (above 10 km each), bought my first tulips of the year, went thrift shopping, practised my piano playing with the help of this video and started watching Sherlock on Netflix with Rene, who hadn’t seen it before and then on a sunny Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast in bed. Such a great week! Hoping for more of these kind of weeks especially with the arrival of Spring in mind.

Little Moments #8

Week #8: remember me talking about Spring last week? Well, Spring was far out of sight this week. We had to deal with the worst wind gusts, rainstorms and drizzle- really depressing weather. Then there was one sunny Friday which I spent in Utrecht but totally forgot to bring my camera. So here are some moments that enlightened my week a little besides that lovely Friday. A tartlet with raspberries from the French bakery and this beautiful new travel/culture magazine called Boat that I recently discovered. Reading in bed with a cup of coffee is the only thing I want to do when it rains and storms outside. I finally got myself a nutcracker and I love it! Although it can be quite the challenge to open a walnut without making too much of a mess. Hopefully I will be an expert soon!

Little Moments #7

Week #7: the sun was out and it even felt sort of like Spring (also really love this new print from Fine Little Day). On Tuesday it was Valentine’s Day and we celebrated our love with our favourite tradition: eating a piece of cheesecake together. A new tiny baby joined the plant family, because you never have enough plants!

Little Moments #6

Week #6: I started reading the Goldfinch (that so many people have been recommending to me) and although I only read a little more than 100 pages I’m hooked! On Friday it started snowing a tiny bit but it was more like powdered sugar than actual snow- but then on Saturday morning the powdered sugar turned into big snowflakes. The kind of snow I’ve been waiting for all winter long! We quickly bundled up and went outside for a walk in the park and afterwards drank our coffee outside, because drinking coffee in the snow is the best.

Little Moments #5

Week #5: there were warm croissants and eggs for breakfast. I bought a vintage West-Germany vase and found some lovely craspedia at the local florist to put in the new vase. Also bought a letterpressed card made by People I’ve Loved featuring a quote by William Morris- ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. 

Quarterly Mixtape

It’s February! While I’m starting to long for the first signs of Spring I still love that cozy feeling when I’m putting on a warm knitted sweater in the morning. Another thing that always gives me a comforting feeling this time of the year is listening to music. Especially in the evenings when I’m lying on the couch with a book in one hand and a cup of hot tea in the other. I’ve created a mixtape with 15 songs that I love to listen on these particular nights. You can listen to it below or find it here.

Hope you like these songs as much as I do ♥

Little Moments #4

Week #4: It was a busy week in which I mostly worked and hardly got outside of the house (note to self: go out more, even if it’s a busy week!). Luckily there were still a lot of in between breaks with coffee, good food, books and late night serie watching in bed.

Little Moments #3

Week #3: Blue Monday was not so blue for us as we spent our day wandering around in sunny Cologne where we spotted lots of vintage Volkswagen busses and colourful houses. As I’ve mentioned earlier I’m in love with 3191 Miles Apart and their newest book (A Year Between Friends) is a masterpiece to me. Especially loved to read the letters they have send to each other every month. On Sunday we slept in, had a slow breakfast and baked a mini apple pie in this cute ceramic skillet pan my sister gave me for my birthday.