March In Photos

Sunshine in our homeMarch began when I was in the Czech Republic to finally enjoy some real snow. Early March I also got struck by the worst flu I’ve had in years. I was bound to the bed with a high fever for a whole week. After that terrible week was over, it got a little bit worse because the harddisk from my iMac was dying on me. Luckily a local computer shop could fix me up with a new one in under 24 hours and now my iMac is faster than ever! After all those bad things it was time for some good things to happen.

March was beginning to show some first signs of Spring. Sunshine, singing birds making nests in the tree in our garden, flowers and trees that are slowly starting to bloom. What’s not to love? I’m looking forward to the warmer days so I can soak up as much sunlight as I possibly can.

Coffee at Native

After being in bed for a week I was longing for a long walk in the city. We went for a coffee at this new place called Native which made me think of Berlin. They serve coffee from White Label, which I really love.
Breakfast in bed

A very lazy Sunday started with pancakes in bed. Also really like the latest edition of Flow magazine, look at that beautiful illustration on the cover!
Rooftops Haarlem

On a grey but still beautiful day, I decided to climb some stairs to enjoy this view over the orange rooftops of Haarlem.Morning sceneBreakfast with avocado

I’m addicted again to scrambled eggs with avocado, so good!

Bloemstraat Amsterdam

As I looked back at this photo I realised how much I enjoy Amsterdam when it’s grey outside. It just suits the city very well, don’t you think?
Latte at KOKOAfter a long time I went by KOKO again for a latte. Always a pleasure and a big recommendation to go visit whenever you’re in Amsterdam.

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