Little Moments #9

Week #9: it was such a fun week (in which I finally managed to bring the camera with me outside again) that I ended up with several nice photos. A small summary of the best things: I went to a paper plants workshop in the Snorfabriek in Utrecht (which was super fun!) with sweet Marlou, went for 4 longer walks (above 10 km each), bought my first tulips of the year, went thrift shopping, practised my piano playing with the help of this video and started watching Sherlock on Netflix with Rene, who hadn’t seen it before and then on a sunny Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast in bed. Such a great week! Hoping for more of these kind of weeks especially with the arrival of Spring in mind.

One Thought on “Little Moments #9

  1. I’ve recently stumbled over your blog, and am hooked! Love the “Little Moments” series, I think it’s a great way to record those quiet, precious moments.
    Have great weekend!
    Hugs from Canada,

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