Little Moments #17

Week 17: the weather was a little disappointing this week. The weather is constantly changing and deceiving us, one moment the sun is out and there are bright blue skies and then some moments later a hailstorm is upon us. Around three weeks ago we started planting all kinds of different seeds. As it was still freezing at night we decided to let them grow inside. One of the seeds we planted was a garden pea and it has been growing so fast! This week we repotted it and put some sticks in the ground to guide it. Really looking forward to see it growing in the next couple of weeks.

On Saturday my parents came to stay over, as they don’t live very close they come to spend a whole weekend with us every now and then. My parents are always bringing gifts with them when they come to visit and this time my mom had bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. After several cups of coffee, we went for a city walk together and ended up getting some Japanese take out for dinner. On Sunday morning the sun was out again and it felt a little warmer than it was on Saturday. We decided to enjoy the sunshine as much as we could and had breakfast outside on the rooftop terrace. After a long and good breakfast we went for a walk in the forest. It was really nice to spend some time together and to enjoy the weather. I’m hoping for some nice and sunny weather in May, especially since it’s one of my favourite months of the year. Really looking forward to have picknicks in the park and to go for long bike rides after dinner (without having to wrap yourself in warm clothes!).

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