Little Moments #16

Week 16: I live in a rented apartment and I’m totally fine with that. Our apartment is old and not at all perfect but I love our space. It’s light, quite big with two bedrooms, a big rectangle of a living room and a separate kitchen. The kitchen is nothing special and there isn’t much space in it. We hung up some kitchen shelves as soon as we moved in here to have more space for our coffee makers and cups. These shelves quickly became one of my favourite things in the kitchen. I love how I can display some of favourite cups, bowls and pretty coffee makers on it. I love to change everything around every now and then to keep things interesting. This is the current set up with tableware from Broste Copenhagen and House Doctor. I love how the items have slightly different tones of blue/green but are still matching and very similar.

I got a little cutting as a gift from a friend when she came to visit. Such a great gift! Can’t wait for it to grow some roots. On Sunday I decided I wanted to read for a couple of hours without any distractions. I recently became very aware of the fact that I’m so easily distracted. I sort of constantly feel the urge to check up on Instagram, blogs, Pinterest and so on. I love the visual aspects of everything on the internet and it gives me a lot of inspiration as a graphic designer and illustrator. However, putting away all the digital stuff a little more often would be good for me. I always have loved reading and I can read almost anywhere, even in loud and lively spaces. I wish though that I would read a little more instead of checking Instagram for the 100th time on a day. I finally read more than a 100 pages at once, without any disturbances at all. It felt so good! Must do this more often, especially in the weekend.

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  1. 🙂 ik ben ook zo benieuwd hoe hij gaat groeien! fijn weekend!

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