Little Moments #13

Week 13: all the magnolia’s in our neighbourhood starting blooming and they just look so pretty, don’t you think? I came across so many on my daily walks but this one was by far the prettiest. I found the perfect little plant for the ceramic planter from HearHear and I love that handmade wooden ant eater from T-lab (now I want to collect them all). On Saturday we hired a car and went to Ikea and the garden center. As the weather gets nicer we wanted to give our rooftop terrace a little make over. We traded our (ugly) old metal chairs for some wooden lounge elements from Ikea and we’re very happy with it, such an improvement! We want to get two more elements soon so that we have a complete set for this Summer. We also bought a garden bench that we wanted to use to create a little garden in front of the kitchen window. I never thought plants would me make this happy.

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