Little Moments #10

Week #10: Spring arrived with lots of sunshine and higher temperatures. I’ve had a lot of work to finish during the week so I really wanted to spend most of my time outside in the weekend. On Saturday morning Rene and I took the train to Amsterdam to have coffee and cake. We ended up going to Bar Botanique, which feels like you’re entering a tropical paradise with a lot of green and pink mixed together. The space is filled with vintage furniture and plants which also gives you the feeling like you’ve just stepped into a very big and cozy living room. Their coffee was good (served in these pretty pink cups) and the banana bread and carrot cake (3 layers!) quite yummy. After coffee and cake we walked through the East of Amsterdam all the way to West. I always love to look at the details of old houses and spotted these pretty peacock tiles in ‘De Pijp’. We visited Wildernis that done a restyle of their shop recently. They painted one of their walls with yellow ochre among some other things. We ended up buying two new plants, a calathea and a little elephant’s ear (alocasia amazonica). On Sunday we started cleaning our rooftop terrace to make it ready for Spring and drank our tea outside in the sun. Saturday was as you can see the most fun day of the week and it’s funny how just one day can recharge you in such a big way.

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