January in Photos

Morning Scene with Kinfolk Home

We’re more than a week into February and this month didn’t start as I hoped it would. I’ve been laying in bed (+couch) for almost 5 days thanks to my second visit to the dental surgeon. I’ve been having so much pain that it made me cry several times last week. I’m still taking painkillers as we speak, although I managed to lower it from 3 to 1 a day. I’m taking one before I go to sleep so I can at least sleep through the night without any pain. I really hope the pains will soon disappear and that I will be able to eat normally again.

When I looked back on January last week it made me happy so I thought of sharing some photo’s that I took last month.

Early January I ordered The Kinfolk Home book from some gift vouchers I got for my birthday in December. I really love the Kinfolk magazines and also the first book The Kinfolk Table so this new book was something I’ve had on my wishlist for a while. And I absolutely adore it! I slowly read all the stories about the featured homes when I’m drinking my coffee in the morning.

in bed

red house + parked bike

On a Saturday we went for a long walk between some wintry showers and came across this beautiful red house. In December we discovered a brand new coffee bar in Haarlem that had just opened up. We visited Mica several times in January and it has become our favorite coffee place. We love the window seats to watch the world go by while enjoying our coffee (I’m also crushing on all their plants).

Plants at Mica

first snowThen suddenly one morning we woke up to this winter wonderland. I was so excited and rushed outside for a walk. We don’t have much snow in the Netherlands- we used to have a lot more when I was younger- but nowadays it’s really rare. The snow on this Sunday was the tiniest bit but I didn’t care because everything looked so pretty.

slow morningsworking

January was a very productive month for me and I had a good start of the new year. I spend many hours behind my computer working but also learning new skills like the basics of making an animation in Adobe After Effects. Besides working I really enjoyed slow mornings at the table together with my love.


January was also the start of the tulip season- which always makes me longing for Spring. I came across these beautiful tulips when I spend the day in Amsterdam. That same day I also drank the cutest cappuccino ever at Trakteren.
bear cappuccino

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