How I learned to enjoy the little things in life


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I’m thinking a lot about life these days. One year ago I was so incredibly stressed out at this time of the year. I was about to finish my education (Office Management) which caused me so much stress and head troubles. It wasn’t sure if I would graduate in time and I had to do a last-minute internship in Amsterdam. I had been struggling for quite some years, never quite sure about what to do in life, which education would be the right one etc.. It resulted in me making the wrong choices again and again. It was so frustrating! Everyone else around me seemed so sure about what path to choose and what to do next that I felt more and more insecure about everything I did. In the end I graduated a little bit later than the rest, last September. Over the summer I was literally exhausted from all the stress and worries I’ve had for months. I took a long break over the summer, did a road trip in France and read a lot of books.

That summer I also learned to work with Illustrator and got myself a drawing tablet. Drawing is one of the things that have always calmed me down, ever since I was a young girl. Somehow over the years I lost that as a hobby. Coming back to it felt so good! I discovered that designing might be what I wanted to do in life, but I didn’t want to go back to school since I was 25 and totally done with school. I started teaching myself how to design with the help of youtube tutorials and Lynda courses. I loved seeing a flyer I designed unexpectedly turning up at a theatre while visiting. I’m making a lot of progress in these last few months and experienced that Illustrating is the thing I would like to focus on. I actually sold one of my designs recently which made me so happy and gave me the strength and courage to continue my designing career.

I hear from a lot of people that my life looks so good to them, based on photo’s I share. And they are so right! I love how my life has turned around in one year. I might be at one of my happiest moments in life and I realise that everyday. That doesn’t mean however that I don’t experience any though moments in life, because I really do. Starting out as an illustrator is not easy, the competition is crazy! All those people that make the most incredible designs, actually went to school for it, it can really make me doubt myself and my own designs. I also have very little money coming in which can be so frustrating since life is expensive. The thing that keeps me going at such moments is the happy feeling I  get when I’m designing. I am so thankful to Rene (who works fulltime) that he gives me the chance to do what I love. He encourages me daily and calms me down at the moments I’m freaking out or feeling anxious.

I’ve really learned how to enjoy the little things. Little things that I didn’t even notice in my stressful periods. Simple things as:
* drinking a good cup of coffee at a nice place
* flowers that are in bloom
* sitting at the table while having long conversations about life and love
* the way the light falls in from outside
* how a small breeze plays with my summer dress
* watching the world go by while going for a morning walk

urban gardening


2 Thoughts on “How I learned to enjoy the little things in life

  1. Pa Smith on May 20, 2014 at 7:39 pm said:

    Hi Karin, all those people around you who really had it together were probably looking at others and thinking the same as you. We all look at others as a way of measuring ourselves, when you look at the small things and make your own decisions, you can base them on what your needs are and not those based on other peoples achievements. It took me until I was 45 to come to this conclusion. Is’nt it just brilliant that you realised this at 25.
    Have you and Rene signed on for Noorderzon this year?

  2. I really love your blog and you have a great eye.
    It’s inspiring to know that we can teach ourselves and pursue what we are drawn to and passionate about. I have insecurities about pursuing photography full-time since I’ve never attended any courses. Great to hear that everything has worked out well! It really is important to enjoy the little moments in life 🙂

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