Goodbye November, Hello December

The days have been grey and cold in November. Last winter we haven’t had any really cold days but this year it’s going to be different I guess. I bought a new coat which is way warmer than my old one and it turned out te be a good choice. I am not a real fan of winter, I don’t like the dark days and I hate the cold. However I love to wear warm knitted sweaters, drinking hot chocolate under a blanket and I love snow! I really hope we will get a white Christmas this year. I am pretty excited for December, we will be going to Berlin, my birthday is on the 25th of december and we will celebrate Christmas with our parents at our place.

In november I’ve spend a lot of time in Amsterdam, exploring new streets and new coffee spots. Here are some of my favorite moments:

BoterhamBoterham 2

In early November we visited this great spot for lunch called BOTERHAM (Dutch for sandwich). They have a great interior with lots of wood and they sell pretty things for your home like planters, lamps and prints. We’ve had some coffee and a piece of their red velvet cake, which is my new favorite cake!KeizersgrachtI will miss these green leaves – they are slowly fading away.Anna + Nina Anna + Nina 2These photo’s were taken at Anna + Nina in de Pijp. They have an amazing shop, look at that wallpaper! It’s the kind of shop where you simply want to buy everything.BlauwburgwalScandinavian EmbassyI went to the Scandinavian Embassy to try their coffee. Some people described it as the best coffee of Amsterdam and it sure was. The place is owned by Swedes and it’s a perfect place for fika and to try Scandinavian treats like kanelbullar.Rainy AmsterdamThere were also some rainy days but Amsterdam still looked pretty.Vintage Bike + Wooden DoorMogadorMy favorite coffee place in Haarlem, Mogador, opened up a second location just around the corner. It’s a beautiful place and I love their interior, especially the tables!Sunny Amsterdam Chika in the ForestThis girl called Chika, came to stay over for a couple of days. We went for long walks together in the forest and she woke us up in the morning. She doesn’t like pictures though but I got lucky shooting this one.

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