Goodbye July, Hello August

July passed away and August is here. Here are my favorite moments of July:

wafflesrenes birthdayWe celebrated Rene’s birthday on the 4th of July. One of the presents I gave him was a waffle iron which he put to good use right away (such a good gift). partyThat weekend we had a party at our house with family & friends. We enjoyed Swedish meatballs, enjoyed lovely drinks and sat in the garden together.
macaronssomersby aarhus housesWe went to Denmark for a week – where I had a big crush on all the lovely houses in beautiful colors. This shot was taken when we visited cabraWe had a coffee at this place called La Cabra which had a great interior, atmosphere and the best coffee!atelier septembercoffee atelier septemberWe also went to Copenhagen where we payed a visit to Atelier September. I’ve seen this place pop up many times in my instagram feed and knew that I would love it. Make sure to pay them a visit whenever you find yourself in Copenhagen!
housesnyhavnstege houseFrench press and moomin mugWe came back home from our trip to Denmark with the best souvenirs; a Moomin mug and a new french press.raspberry panna cotta ice creamcaprese salad Enjoyed some homemade raspberry panna cotta ice cream and made a delicious caprese salad.

2 Thoughts on “Goodbye July, Hello August

  1. Becca Waterloo on August 4, 2014 at 2:48 am said:

    all of those food setups are SO CUTE! love your pictures. happy august!

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