Denmark part 1; Hejlsminde

We’ve only spend a week in Denmark but it was the perfect trip to get rid of any stress, anxiety and worries we’ve had in the last couple of weeks. Rene started a new job yesterday and I’m full of inspiration to start working again on new designs.

We decided to go camping in Denmark (we go camping every summer) and our first stop was a small village by the name of Hejlsminde. It is located in South Jutland and lies at one of the many bays of the Little Belt. My parents stayed here in a summer house last May and described it as an oase of calmness. And that it was for sure! The campsite is located on a small hill from where you have a nice view at the bay. We were blessed with sunny days and warm evenings. I got to swim in the sea, went for an evening walk every day  and we barbecued in front of our tent.

karin sunset


Hejlsminde – If you look closely, you can see our campsite on the left side of the hill

What better way to explore nature than going for evening walks when the lowering sun is making everything look golden?

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