Christmas Snippets


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As Christmas is also my birthday we’ve celebrated both together with my family. This was the third time we prepared a nice 3-course dinner which is really becoming my favourite tradition. Between Christmas en New Year’s Eve Rene and I both took a week off. It was a week for sleeping in, reading books, going for walks together and playing games. We talked a lot and made plans together for the new year. We hardly traveled in 2016 (just one ski trip in february and a weekend trip to Antwerp) and we’re both hungry for new adventures. Earlier in 2016 we booked a flight to Toronto for June 2017. Rene’s brother and wife are living in Toronto so we’ll be finally paying them a visit and go on a roadtrip to the East Coast of America after that. We’ll be away for almost 4 weeks and I can’t tell you how excited I am for the trip! We want to end our roadtrip in New York to celebrate Independence Day, which is also Rene’s birthday. Hopefully we’ll be able to go on a little trip before that as well, maybe a short city trip or a little roadtrip because it’s been too long!

Personally, 2016 wasn’t the best year for me so I’m ready for 2017. But first I wanted to share some moments that I captured on Christmas Day.owl-in-the-christmas-treeWe’ve added a few new ornaments to the tree this year like this little white owl that reminds my of Hedwig from Harry Potter.december-still-lifeThis is where I spent most of my days leading up to Christmas whenever I needed a break from all the planning/groceries etc. I love to cozy up in this chair with a cup of tea, a book and that woollen blanket. birthday-cake29th-birthdayI can’t believe that I turned 29 already! Just one year left before I turn 30. Remember those moments when you were a teenager and thought that you would have figured out life whenever you turned 30? Makes me laugh every time I think about that.

For my birthday we made my favourite cake: carrot cake.cutting-the-birthday-cakechristmas-daychristmas-table-2We’ve made the Christmas menu weeks before so that we had enough time to try some of dishes to see if they were actually good. This was what we had: for starters we’ve had red lentil soup with bread. Then as the main course we had ham marinated in a honey mustard sauce with hasselback potatoes, pom’ duchesse, pears cooked in red wine with cinnamon and string beans with smoked bacon pieces. For dessert we had tiramisu with dark and white chocolate as a topping. If only I could eat this every single day!christmas-table-3

To me Christmas is always special, not only because it’s my birthday, but also because it’s the day when we always come together as a family. As we all live not very close to another it’s extra special.

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