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Weekend Scenes

Some scenes from this weekend.


We found this blue car in one of the streets in the city center. This is exactly the reason why I love blue cars so much. I hope to drive around in a car like this one day!breakfast in bed

It’s been a while since Rene and I enjoyed breakfast in bed so we decided to start our sunday like this.klavertje vijf

This is my favorite flowershop in Haarlem. Their storefront is continually changing and they have by far the best choice in flowers and plants.Sunlight VijfhoekEarly morning walks are my favorite – the light and shadows are always stunning and everything looks so calm.


A sunday at the NDSM Docks

On sunday we went to the NDSM Docks in Amsterdam, in Dutch also known as the NDSM Werf. From Amsterdam Central Station we hopped on a ferry (free rides!) that took us over the IJ in about 15 minutes to the north of Amsterdam where the docks are located. A sign in the water tells you that the place is beyond belief and it really is. The whole area looks like an incredible movie set full of industrial buildings, some abandoned and some occupied by cool companies and cafe’s. But there is more that meets the eye. You can find lots of hidden places all around, like a city beach, old street cars, lots of graffiti and other great artworks made by talented artists.


After walking around and discovering a little bit we dropped by Pllek for a drink. Their place consists of old sea containers in which they build a cafe and lots of places to sit. Outside they have a city beach and terrace with picknick tables. If you want to sit on the beach, you can grab a beach chair or bean bag from one of their sea containers. We grabbed ourselves two bean bags and had a drink near the water.

Oh how I love swings, couldn’t resist this one of course!


We ended our visit with a piece of cheesecake at Cafe Noorderlicht.cheesecake 1

Weekend Scenes

Weekends are for fuelling up, this was one of those weekends. We went to the saturday market to buy some local fruits and vegetables and made a smoothie. Saturday evening was spent at Bar Wolkers where we had organised an evening filled with live music. Sunday was a relaxing day spent drinking coffee, a walk in the forest and watching movies.

Today is an extra weekend day because we celebrate our freedom in the Netherlands, we did this ever since the Second World War ended. There are a lot of free festivals everywhere and the sun is out so I had a great time at the festival here in Haarlem. I think after these 3 days that I’m ready to start working again tomorrow!

How was your weekend?

DSC00005DSC00019Delicious green smoothie! Made out of pineapple, mango, avocado, almond milk and chia seeds.


Happy Easter


I am a profound lover of having breakfast in the morning, that’s also one of the reasons I love Easter so much. My parents came over this year for a big Easter brunch at our place. We enjoyed some croissants, bagels, fluffy pancakes with maple syrup, fresh strawberries, eggs, a suger loaf and of course some chocolate. We were absolutely stuffed after all the food but we burned it all down with a lovely walk in the woods afterwards.  DSC00002DSC00004DSC00014DSC00012DSC00010DSC00008DSC00013

Weekend Scenes

Saturday I’ve done completely nothing! I wasn’t lazy though but I just spend the day reading the Book Thief, working on a new sketch of a bearded man and just enjoying a day of rest. Most of the weekends are filled with all kinds of fun stuff and I really enjoy those things but sometimes when the weekend is over, I have the feeling that time totally passed me by. Staying inside this saturday has been a good choice and it felt refreshing, like my battery is recharged.


Yesterday Rene and I went to Amsterdam to visit the Neighbour Food Market (remember this post from last month?). The theme was Le Jardin, which means the garden in French. The market was held at an other location at the Westergasfabriek as the last time. Besides food there were a lot of stands that sold products for the garden; from books to plants to seeds. We didn’t like the location as much as the other one, it was quite small and there were too many people so I didn’t get a chance to take some nice photo’s like last time. We do enjoyed a nice piece of lemon cheesecake and after that a slice of a Portugese vegan quiche.



After we had some food we went to the Espressofabriek (Gosschalklaan 7) for a cup of coffee. Their cups are so lovely!

coffee espressofabriekWe did some shopping on the Haarlemmerdijk and the Haarlemmerstraat. Finally visited Concrete Matter (Haarlemmerdijk 127), a gift shop for men where I fell in love with this deer.

concrete matterWhen we were back in Haarlem we treated ourselves to some ice cream at tante Saar (Spaarne 42). It actually was my first ice cream of 2014! Can’t believe it has been such a long time since I ate ice cream.. especially since I’m quite of an addict. I even ate strawberry ice cream for breakfast last summer.


How did you spend your weekend?

Weekend scenes

We asked for an early spring but we got an early summer weekend instead! Saturday was the warmest 8 March ever in the Netherlands! Today was even warmer, the temperature climbed to 20 degrees today. If someone had told me last weekend that I would take a barefoot walk on the beach this weekend I would’ve said that they were completely insane. I wore my summer blouse at the beach (no sleeves!). Wow, I’m still amazed how you can go from wearing a sweater, wintercoat and scarf to this amazing beach weather.
beard doodlemarket groceries

Saturday started with breakfast and this hairy beard man doodle. We had our garden doors open for the first time. After breakfast we went to the saturday market to do some groceries. We worked in the garden for the rest of the afternoon (it needs some serious work!) We had a lovely dinner using some of the groceries from the market and enjoyed some beers. The rest of the evening Rene played a game while I read a book on the couch.

This morning I read the wonderful weekend issue of Kinfolk in bed while looking at Rene, who was still asleep. We had a bowl of Honey Loops for breakfast and made ourselves some yummy sandwiches for the bike ride we’ve planned. We had a nice bike ride of 40 km in the dunes and stopped at the beach of Noordwijkerhout. We ate our sandwiches while we sat at the beach and enjoyed the warm sun rays.



DSC00070DSC00013DSC00019 2DSC00056DSC00044DSC00065One of the best weekends in March ever, I would say.