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Easter Brunch

On Sunday morning we had a little Easter Brunch for just the two of us. We had made a braided bread the night before and sprinkled it with sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and flaked almonds- it turned out pretty good! It really inspired us to bake more loafs of bread from now on. We got out of bed early on Sunday to bake heart shaped pancakes, boil some eggs and brew a pot of fresh coffee. I put some yoghurt on my heart shaped pancakes and topped it off with some pomegranate seeds. I always love to have a variety of different sorts of bread, fruits and a little bit of chocolate on Easter morning. The speckled chocolate eggs are my favourite Easter eggs, the filling is just so delicious! We also had some smaller rolls, chocolate filled rolls, warm croissants from the oven and spelt crackers. I wouldn’t mind having this brunch every Sunday.

Hope you had some lovely Easter days as well! 

A Sunday In Amsterdam


Sunday was the perfect Indian Summer day. As last week was pretty cold and we had to turn on the heating again, I pulled all my chunky warm sweaters out of the closet. I’m the kind of person that is always cold so I love to dress up as warm as I can. Yesterday however, the sun came out and the temperature was suddenly hitting the 18 degrees. It was the perfect weather for a long walk outside so we decided to take the train to Amsterdam and walk along the canals. The trees along the canals are slowly changing colours and you can already spot some beautiful tints of yellow, orange, brown and even red.

The light was gorgeous, the sun at a low angle creating these beautiful long shadows. I love to walk down these narrow streets full with parked bikes. It is this time of the year that Amsterdam is looking it’s prettiest. number-27urban-garden

Urban gardens are found on almost every corner and I always have to stop and look at them. egelantiersgrachtcat-egelantiersgracht

The Egelantiersgracht and Bloemgracht are two of my favourite canals in Amsterdam. They are smaller than the big ones, less touristy and so pretty. Spotted this cat at the Egelangtiersgracht enjoying himself while observing the life around

We walked all the way to Amsterdam West where we stumbled upon a fairly new coffee spot called Monks Coffee Roasters. We drank a cappuccino, shared a piece of caramel shortbread and flipped through some books that were lying around. The interior at Monks is industrial but cozy. The owner happened to be Australian and very friendly and the coffee was really good so go visit if you’re in the neighbourhood! (Bilderdijkstraat 46)cart-monks-coffee-roasters

Sunday with scones and a forest walk


This morning we decided to make some scones, normal ones for Rene and with blueberries for me.sunday-breakfastscone-with-strawberry-jamThey were so delicious! Especially with some strawberry jam on top.


After our late breakfast we went out for a long walk. The heather is still blooming a little bit.walk-2walk-4

Living so close to the forest has been one of my favorite things about moving to Hilversum. Nothing calms me more than a walk in the forest. I really can’t wait for Autumn with it’s spectaculair colours and chilly temperatures.

♥ Hope you had a lovely Sunday as well ♥

Weekend Adventures

Last Sunday was the most perfect Spring day; warm, sunny and almost windless. Our morning was a slow one, spent at the table drinking coffee and reading magazines. With the sun warming up our living room fast we decided that we had to go outside to soak up this warm sunlight. We took our bikes and cycled to the dunes. I always love to go there to enjoy the quietness and the sounds of nature. As I could’ve predicted we weren’t the only ones that wanted to enjoy this warm and sunny day exploring nature. So it wasn’t as quiet as it normally is, but nonetheless very beautiful.

While cycling we encountered a group of Scottish Highland cows walking in the middle of the cycle path. We slowly passed them sideways and were so close I could’ve touched one of their big horns. Slightly scary, but so cool! I took this picture of a pretty female cow with a white belly. I think she’s pregnant. I’ve never spotted them in the Kennemer Dunes before so it made my heart so happy to finally see them (+ this close).

Looking forward to more weekend adventures like this.

Easter morning

Easter 1

As a big fan of breakfast, I love to have a big breakfast on Easter morning. My parents joined us again this year for a traditional and cozy morning at the table. This year we might’ve overdone the chocolate part though as I even started to get headaches this week, I think due to a chocolate overdosis (whoops). So I’m actually glad we can go back to a chocolate free week again after today. Easter 2 Easter 3 Easter 4

Look at this little rhubarb strawberry jam that I bought, it’s so cute!

Easter 6Hope you all had a lovely Easter! ♥

Festive mood

candleholderWe decorated the house with Christmas decorations this week. I’m a huge fan of Christmas (I was born on Christmas day) and I love every single bit of it. Putting up the tree takes so much time but it’s always totally worth it. I bought some new ornaments as well this year to fill up some empty spots that we had last year. We decided to keep our tree classic with white and silver tones and I’m really happy with how the tree looks. Because I’m quite the perfectionist I spent 7 hours to put it up… especially the lights are taking up so much time! The last few days I spent every evening curled up on the couch next to tree with a good book.

P.S. the candleholder on top is also new- look at that shape!

Christmas Tree

Weekly Favorites #6

Espresso fabriek

The days are going by so fast! Last week was over before I knew it and the same thing is happening this week. I almost forgot to share my favorites from last week.

  • Best coffee/tea of the week: this cappuccino at the Espressofabriek in Amsterdam. Look at that latte art in combination with the wood.. I love it! We had a delicious muffin and brownie with it and sat at the window looking at the rain outside. Perfect way to spend a Saturday.
  • Favorite drink/food: the tartlets we had from Petit Gateau! (see my previous post
  • Best article I found on the internet: Sorry, it’s another one from BoredPanda (it’s one of my favorite websites). This article about an artist that recreates Van Gogh paintings on matchboxes! Amazing!~
    home inspiration pinterest
  • Favorite pin on Pinterest: this beautiful corner that I pinned onto my Home board. What a perfect place to sit down, read a book and listen to a record spinning.
  • Song of the week: Numbers by Daughter. The more I listen to this song the more I love it.

A cosy sunday afternoon

Overview table

My feeds on social media have been filled with holiday related pictures. Everybody seems to be preparing for Christmas and I absolutely love it! The past few days have been dark, gloomy and rainy and I kind of need those festive twinkling lights, candles and christmas trees.

On saturday we went to Amsterdam to buy some gifts and food. We went to Petit Gateau (Haarlemmerstraat 80, Amsterdam), a French patisserie, to buy ourselves some delicious tartlets. We had them this afternoon with coffee and they’re amazing! It gave me that festive feeling, sitting at the table together and enjoy good food. You should definitely try out Petit Gateau whenever you find yourself in Amsterdam!

Overview table 2tartletstartletcoffee

Goodbye November, Hello December

The days have been grey and cold in November. Last winter we haven’t had any really cold days but this year it’s going to be different I guess. I bought a new coat which is way warmer than my old one and it turned out te be a good choice. I am not a real fan of winter, I don’t like the dark days and I hate the cold. However I love to wear warm knitted sweaters, drinking hot chocolate under a blanket and I love snow! I really hope we will get a white Christmas this year. I am pretty excited for December, we will be going to Berlin, my birthday is on the 25th of december and we will celebrate Christmas with our parents at our place.

In november I’ve spend a lot of time in Amsterdam, exploring new streets and new coffee spots. Here are some of my favorite moments:

BoterhamBoterham 2

In early November we visited this great spot for lunch called BOTERHAM (Dutch for sandwich). They have a great interior with lots of wood and they sell pretty things for your home like planters, lamps and prints. We’ve had some coffee and a piece of their red velvet cake, which is my new favorite cake!KeizersgrachtI will miss these green leaves – they are slowly fading away.Anna + Nina Anna + Nina 2These photo’s were taken at Anna + Nina in de Pijp. They have an amazing shop, look at that wallpaper! It’s the kind of shop where you simply want to buy everything.BlauwburgwalScandinavian EmbassyI went to the Scandinavian Embassy to try their coffee. Some people described it as the best coffee of Amsterdam and it sure was. The place is owned by Swedes and it’s a perfect place for fika and to try Scandinavian treats like kanelbullar.Rainy AmsterdamThere were also some rainy days but Amsterdam still looked pretty.Vintage Bike + Wooden DoorMogadorMy favorite coffee place in Haarlem, Mogador, opened up a second location just around the corner. It’s a beautiful place and I love their interior, especially the tables!Sunny Amsterdam Chika in the ForestThis girl called Chika, came to stay over for a couple of days. We went for long walks together in the forest and she woke us up in the morning. She doesn’t like pictures though but I got lucky shooting this one.

At the seaside

Yesterday we took the train to Beverwijk and a bus to Wijk aan Zee. My parents gave us a voucher for a hotel so we booked a room at a hotel next to the beach. The weather was perfect – deep blue skies and some small clouds. The hotel has a great location in the dunes so it is only a couple of metres away from the beach. I love going to beach – the waves that come rolling in, feeling the sand between my toes, the salty clean air, the shrieky sounds of the seagulls and finding treasures like feathers and shells. We sat on the beach and watched a beautiful sunset. This morning we enjoyed a big breakfast buffet so I think I will skip lunch today. Now it’s back to work. I hope you all have a great week!

Sunset 2SunsetSunset 3SeabirdsReneBeachbeach housesBeach walkWijk aan Zee square