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Things I like lately

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While I’m settling down in our new apartment I finally find the time again to appreciate the little things:

  • All the new plant babies in our new home (makes me a very happy plant mom)
  • Eating all the summer fruits; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes and watermelon
  • The new Radiohead album! Hoping it will be available on Spotify soon
  • Season 6 of Game Of Thrones- such a good start of the season, could be my favorite so far! Also love the new episodes of Orphan Black on Netflix
  • Coffee beans from Sweet Cup in Amsterdam (with notes of chocolate, sweet citrus and spices)
  • Walks in the forest (and the fact that the forest is now at the end of my street)
  • Reading on the couch in the evenings. I’m reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and made a quick start in Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee
  • The concert of Andrew Bird I went to in Paradiso, Amsterdam
  • Finding the perfect striped dressIMG_2810

Easter morning

Easter 1

As a big fan of breakfast, I love to have a big breakfast on Easter morning. My parents joined us again this year for a traditional and cozy morning at the table. This year we might’ve overdone the chocolate part though as I even started to get headaches this week, I think due to a chocolate overdosis (whoops). So I’m actually glad we can go back to a chocolate free week again after today. Easter 2 Easter 3 Easter 4

Look at this little rhubarb strawberry jam that I bought, it’s so cute!

Easter 6Hope you all had a lovely Easter! ♥

Weekly Favorites #5

tea and chocolate in bed

While the days grow darker every day, I’m actually surprised that I’ve not been struck yet by any signs of a little winter depression. My days are even more productive than they were in summer! It sure makes me quite happy though. Here are some favorite moments from last week:

  • Best coffee/tea of the week: although I had some great coffee this week. My favorite moment was drinking this lemon tea in bed on sunday. Because sometimes staying at home and have the laziest day ever can be so good!
  • Favorite drink/food: Tony’s Chocolonely’s chocolate bars. I’ve tried the milk/discodip/popcorn for the first time and it’s incredible. Have to restrain myself from buying much more of these.
  • Best article I found on the internet: this article on BoredPanda about how the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam banned camera’s and stimulates people to sketch artwork. I think this is a really cool way to let people watch artwork more closely and more intense. Also good to help people discover their creative eye, something I can’t encourage enough as an illustrator/graphic designer.
  • Favorite pin on Pinterest: this picture because I just love coffee scenes so much. I mean don’t you want coffee straight away when you look at this?
  • Song of the week: A Little More by Bungalow. Really great song to listen while you’re working.

Hello again!

It’s been quite a while since my last post here. I don’t know why, but somehow I lost the feeling to write or share anything for a while. The only social platform where I’ve been active on is Instagram (simply because I can’t live without all the beautiful pictures from around the world). I think it has been good for me to take a little break from all the social media though. I love all the platforms so much that I sometimes get sucked in a little bit too much. This week though I felt the need to write something again and to blow some life into this blog again. It always gives me a great feeling to write some words down wether it’s in my journal or online.

Something that hasn’t changed over these last few months is my love for sharing morning scenes- so here’s to beautiful summer mornings, drinking coffee and eating croissants. Hope to be sharing a lot more of these morning scenes and thoughts again with you guys!