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Weekly Favorites #6

Espresso fabriek

The days are going by so fast! Last week was over before I knew it and the same thing is happening this week. I almost forgot to share my favorites from last week.

  • Best coffee/tea of the week: this cappuccino at the Espressofabriek in Amsterdam. Look at that latte art in combination with the wood.. I love it! We had a delicious muffin and brownie with it and sat at the window looking at the rain outside. Perfect way to spend a Saturday.
  • Favorite drink/food: the tartlets we had from Petit Gateau! (see my previous post
  • Best article I found on the internet: Sorry, it’s another one from BoredPanda (it’s one of my favorite websites). This article about an artist that recreates Van Gogh paintings on matchboxes! Amazing!~
    home inspiration pinterest
  • Favorite pin on Pinterest: this beautiful corner that I pinned onto my Home board. What a perfect place to sit down, read a book and listen to a record spinning.
  • Song of the week: Numbers by Daughter. The more I listen to this song the more I love it.

A cosy sunday afternoon

Overview table

My feeds on social media have been filled with holiday related pictures. Everybody seems to be preparing for Christmas and I absolutely love it! The past few days have been dark, gloomy and rainy and I kind of need those festive twinkling lights, candles and christmas trees.

On saturday we went to Amsterdam to buy some gifts and food. We went to Petit Gateau (Haarlemmerstraat 80, Amsterdam), a French patisserie, to buy ourselves some delicious tartlets. We had them this afternoon with coffee and they’re amazing! It gave me that festive feeling, sitting at the table together and enjoy good food. You should definitely try out Petit Gateau whenever you find yourself in Amsterdam!

Overview table 2tartletstartletcoffee

Weekly Favorites #3

Coffee BruI really love the bright and warmer autumn days that we’re getting these last couple of days. Here are some favorite things from last week:

  • Best coffee of the week: this cappuccino from Coffee Bru that we enjoyed outside. We also shared a piece of carrot cake, which looked delicious but sadly didn’t taste as good as it looked.
  • Favorite drink/food: chocolate bars and fudge that we bought at Stach for Halloween night. I really love the packaging of these yummy chocolate bars. The fudge packaging has been illustrated by Gemma Correll. One of my favorite illustrators who makes funny and cute illustrations.

stach chocolate

  • Best article I found on the internet: this article about photography and traveling written by Angélica on her blog Fernweh Forevermore. Also check out her blog for more stories and beautiful pictures.
  • Favorite pin on Pinterest: this Volkswagen van driving in the woods, because I love to dream about going on a roadtrip in a van like this. *One day, one day..*VW van in the woods

  • Song of the week: Curt by I Am Oak. Perfect tune for a sunny Autumn day.

Weekly Favorites #2


Autumn is kicking in these days, we’ve had so many grey days and I really have to get used to the lack of light. The trees however look stunning with their beautiful colors against a grey sky. Here are my weekly favorites from last week.

    • Best coffee of the week:  on saturday morning after a visit to the market, we went to TOKI in Amsterdam. We drank a cappuccino and enjoyed the best banana bread with coconut. TOKI is quite new to the Amsterdam scene, but it’s already turning into one of my favorite spots. They serve coffee from Bonanza in Berlin and offer some great indie magazines to read while you sip your coffee.
    • Favorite drink/food: most definitely the banana bread at TOKI. Have to recreate this at home!
    • Best article I found on the internet: this article about an illustrator who illustrates the literal meanings of idioms in a cute and funny way.
    • Favorite pin on Pinterest: this table setting. I love to have cozy dinners like these while it’s getting colder and darker outside.

  • Song of the week: Awake by Tycho, I really love this ambient music with some soft electronic touches.

A Trip To Antwerp

Two months ago we went on a trip to Antwerp. We took a train to Rotterdam and another one from Rotterdam straight to Antwerp Central Station- which was chosen by Mashable Magazine as the most beautiful train station of the world. And it sure was beautiful!centraal-station antwerpen

Grote markt

These ‘famous’ houses are standing on the Grote Markt, the town square. The Grote Markt is situated in the old quarter of the city. The small and narrow streets in the old quarter are the best place to escape the tourists and perfect to get lost in.

streets of antwerpstreets of Antwerp 2

Antwerp offers a lot of good coffee places, cafe’s and restaurants. Our first stop for coffee was at Broer Bretel. They have a vintage interior with a great atmosphere and also super friendly baristas. The weather was great so we sipped our cappuccino’s (with yummy cookies) outside while enjoying some soft, but warm sunlight.

coffee at broer bretelfloristAfter our coffee we wandered the streets again and came across the beautiful florist shop above. Antwerp is a really green city and there are so many florists in the city center. This one looked so perfect, covered by all the green. We did some minor shopping and went to HAY, which has a very pretty entrance (and looked way better than the one in Amsterdam).

HAY entrance AntwerpWe enjoyed a delicious lunch at Buchbar. I had the best hummus on toast and Rene had a gazpacho soup. They serve some good coffee as well!

Buchbar interiorlunch buchbardoorportrait antwerpgreen cityWe wandered through the city for the rest of the day and ended up very hungry at De Burgerij for dinner. They serve some really good burgers, I surely recommend their falafel burger!

We only stayed for a day this time which was way too short but we’ll go back soon, especially since it’s so close by (less than 3 hours travel).

Some of my favorite places to visit in Antwerp:

– Broer Bretel (coffee)
– HAY (interior/design shop)
– Buchbar (breakfast/lunch + coffee)
– De Burgerij (great burgers, try the falafel!)
– Kapitein Zeppos (Belgian beers, dinner)
– Caffènation (c0ffee)
– Coffee & Vinyl (very nice recordshop)
– MAS, Museum aan de Stroom (interesting museum with a rooftop which provides a great view over the city)

A day off

I’ve been very busy lately. The last couple of weekends were filled with family stuff and work. This friday I decided to give myself a day off. I went for a walk in the city, visited my favorite place for some coffee and went browsing books in a thrift store. It was a very relaxed and laid back day and it was good to blow off some steam. I think if you’re working as a freelancer you might sometimes forget to take some time off  and get away from the computer.



A day in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is a neighbourhood in London which you could describe in a few words; urban, industrial buildings, street art, a great selection of hip shops, restaurants and coffee shops. You’ll get the idea. We wandered through the streets of Shoreditch for a whole day when we were in London admiring the graffiti and fell in love with all the pretty shops. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCWe discovered this place called The Albion. It’s a cafe and small shop and their interior looks wonderful! They offer a great selection of food and drinks so a must visit.

SONY DSCQuite near the Albion we found a shop called Labour And WaitThey sell a great collection of simple and clean designed home ware products.aesopAnother recommendation is the Aesop shop in Shoreditch. They have amazing skin care products and their store has such a lovely interior.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSince Shoreditch is quite old there are a lot of beautiful historical buildings and houses everywhere. I could totally see myself living in this area!SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCYou can find a lot of graffiti in Shoreditch made by great artists (like Banksy).


Food festival de Rollende Keukens

Last friday we went to a food festival in Amsterdam called ‘De Rollende Keukens’, in English ‘The Rolling Kitchens’. It earned that name because of the fact that it exists out of food trucks. It is an huge open air festival that offers more than 100 food trucks, music and a great atmosphere. This was the seventh edition of ‘De Rollende Keukens’ and it gets more popular every year.

We chose to go on a friday afternoon since it was lovely weather and we hoped it would not be as crowded. It was indeed not too crowded and we got hungry right away triggered by the lovely smells of food.


We had these spicy meatballs called the ‘Bollywood Balls’ and they were amazing!


Besides all the lovely food everywhere we also enjoyed some music. Loved the whole country style of this guy.

I wanted to try something new so I got myself this drink. It’s chia seed lemonade made with rose water. It looked so weird.. the chia seeds made me think of tiny little fish. I kind of enjoyed the first half but when I only had chia seeds left it didn’t taste so good anymore. Would not recommend it.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

We had some mini doughnuts and watched them being made right in front of us. These were heavenly! By far the best doughnuts I had in quite a while.


Rene and I were both born in Friesland, a provence in the north of the Netherlands, so we loved seeing this Frisian dude making some traditional Frisian burgers.

A sunday at the NDSM Docks

On sunday we went to the NDSM Docks in Amsterdam, in Dutch also known as the NDSM Werf. From Amsterdam Central Station we hopped on a ferry (free rides!) that took us over the IJ in about 15 minutes to the north of Amsterdam where the docks are located. A sign in the water tells you that the place is beyond belief and it really is. The whole area looks like an incredible movie set full of industrial buildings, some abandoned and some occupied by cool companies and cafe’s. But there is more that meets the eye. You can find lots of hidden places all around, like a city beach, old street cars, lots of graffiti and other great artworks made by talented artists.


After walking around and discovering a little bit we dropped by Pllek for a drink. Their place consists of old sea containers in which they build a cafe and lots of places to sit. Outside they have a city beach and terrace with picknick tables. If you want to sit on the beach, you can grab a beach chair or bean bag from one of their sea containers. We grabbed ourselves two bean bags and had a drink near the water.

Oh how I love swings, couldn’t resist this one of course!


We ended our visit with a piece of cheesecake at Cafe Noorderlicht.cheesecake 1

KOKO Coffee & Design

la nonette

Nothing is better than drinking a great cup of coffee while looking at amazing things. KOKO Coffee & Design is one of those places where you can fall in love with almost everything you see, a place where you feel at home right away. The design products and fashion are carefully selected by the two owners Karlijn and Caroline. They sell clothes, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, wallets, home products, shoes, art and coffee. They have new stuff in almost every week which makes every visit unique.

Karlijn and Caroline have selected a great collection of clothes in which they combine Scandinavian basics with Dutch design. Every two months they have a new expo in the store showing the work of a young and aspiring artist. At the moment they exhibit the lovely illustrations painted by La Nonette Illustration.

And then there is the coffee! The coffee at KOKO is roasted by the roasters of the Antwerp Caffènation and is being served in dark red cups.

koko bike corner

They always have a lovely bicycle from a designer for sale. This one is a real beauty!
la nonette paintingla nonette illustration

The work of La Nonette Illustration is amazing and is made by the talented Dutch Manon Nanette Bijkerk. You can check out more of her work here.
koko cornercappucinokoko bordYou can visit KOKO at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 145 in Amsterdam where this cute bearded dude is waiting for you.