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Goodbye September, Hello October

September ended with me being sick. It started with some bad stomach aches and ended with a high fever and terrible head aches. Now I’m still suffering from a soar throat which is leading to sleepless nights. But I guess I’ve had it all after this.. Hopefully this also means I will stay healthy till at least next autumn! While being sick October started so here are a few favorite shots from September.

OuderwetsSuch a cute place for breakfast – I love the blue checkered tablecloths. They serve some excellent sandwiches and soups.

De oude Pijpovergrown

Pretty facades. I love overgrown houses so much!Portraitburger nightHomemade burger nights are my favorite. This month I made some very delicious chicken avocado burgers with sweet potato parts.
on the tableSunday morningwindowBikefigsA breakfast of fresh figs and honey granola last tuesday before the fever kicked in.

I hope I will get rid of my soar throat soon so for now I will be drinking litres of tea until it’s gone. Have a good start of October you-all!

Goodbye August, Hello September

August was not exactly what anyone had hoped for. Instead of warm and sunny days we got chilly and crisp days filled with a lot of rain (some parts of the Netherlands were flooded at the beginning of August!). It was a really productive month though, I had a great work flow and even kept on working in the weekends. But there was also time for long walks, coffee and books. Nothing beats a strong coffee and a good book while the rain is pouring outside. Here are some of my favorite moments in photo’s:

burger night

At the beginning of August, when we were still able to have dinner outside, we made ourselves some really nice burgers (thanks for the inspiration Pinterest!).

flat whitebreakfasttilesPretty tiles are everywhere! Lately I’m quite obsessed with floors and in HaarlemOne of the best things I like about living in Haarlem, besides the fact that it is next to Amsterdam, is going for long walks through the city center. The city center is so pretty and I always discover new streets and pretty houses like this one.

sunday breakfastavocado pit plantOur avocado pit plant started to grow really fast and became quite big. Time to put it in a pot soon!coffee
cottoncakehutspotOn a sunny sunday (yeah sunny!) we went to de Pijp in Amsterdam. It is one of my favorite neighbourhoods in Amsterdam and there are lots of nice coffee cafe’s, conceptstores and restaurants. We went for some coffee at COTTONCAKE and oude pijpoudezijds achterburgwal

Oh, Amsterdam..
iced latteheadfirst coffeeroasters

I finally got around visiting Headfirst Coffee Roasters. They can be described as some serious coffee connaisseurs and I enjoyed one of the best iced latte’s in Amsterdam. A must-visit when you find yourself in Amsterdam.

Goodbye July, Hello August

July passed away and August is here. Here are my favorite moments of July:

wafflesrenes birthdayWe celebrated Rene’s birthday on the 4th of July. One of the presents I gave him was a waffle iron which he put to good use right away (such a good gift). partyThat weekend we had a party at our house with family & friends. We enjoyed Swedish meatballs, enjoyed lovely drinks and sat in the garden together.
macaronssomersby aarhus housesWe went to Denmark for a week – where I had a big crush on all the lovely houses in beautiful colors. This shot was taken when we visited cabraWe had a coffee at this place called La Cabra which had a great interior, atmosphere and the best coffee!atelier septembercoffee atelier septemberWe also went to Copenhagen where we payed a visit to Atelier September. I’ve seen this place pop up many times in my instagram feed and knew that I would love it. Make sure to pay them a visit whenever you find yourself in Copenhagen!
housesnyhavnstege houseFrench press and moomin mugWe came back home from our trip to Denmark with the best souvenirs; a Moomin mug and a new french press.raspberry panna cotta ice creamcaprese salad Enjoyed some homemade raspberry panna cotta ice cream and made a delicious caprese salad.

Goodbye June, Hello July

Summer officially started, we went to London, spent a week in the North of the Netherlands, I sold a bunch of designs. Yes, it was a good month on many fronts. Here are some favorite shots I took with Instagram in June.

deskWe got a new desk! It was homemade by my father in law and wood stained by me. Rene and me are so happy with this workspace, we can now both work without poking each other.cherries on the beachcherries
The season of cherries started and I was totally fine with that.
at the parents Spending the week at both our parents places looks something like this. It was good to take a break from things and see the parents a little more than usual. My mum made us some pancakes!
peonies London HousesFlowers in London
These houses were one of the first houses we saw in London. We stayed at a hostel across the street from the British Museum and the neighbourhood (Bloomsbury) was filled with nice houses and cute flowers.Interior Freestate CoffeeHyde ParkHanging out in Hyde Park on a beautiful sunny day.Daunt BooksIf only all the bookstores looked like this! We paid a visit to Daunt Books which was by far one of the most beautiful bookstores I’ve ever seen.Rene at the Tate Britain

Museums are free to visit in London which I totally love! They depend fully on donations and I think that is way better than asking an entry fee. We visited a whole bunch of cool museums and gallery’s like Tate Britain where we really liked the round stairs.St Paul's Cathedral

Walking toward the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Very much in love with this photo, I keep looking at it since we’re back home.

Goodbye May, Hello June

Hello there June! Looking back at all the photos I took in May is such a pleasure. I discovered three themes among my photos on Instagram; Floral, Food and Coffee.
Bloomsurban gardendoors haarlembloemen atelier

Much love for all the urban gardens we came across on our walks in the city. It’s so inspiring to see how creative people can be with small gardens. The photo above with the vintage bike was taken at one of the most beautiful flower shops in Haarlem ‘Klavertje Vijf‘.

mothers day

The card I designed for Mother’s Day. It was a good design month for me, I’ve sold a couple of designs and there is much work in progress. One of my designs got featured on the homepage of Redbubble. You can have a look at some of my designs here.

smoothiepumpkin souppizzabbqsushiicecream

We made a lot of smoothies with our brand new (free) smoothie maker, had the first BBQ of the year in our garden, made pumpkin soup, had pizza and ate lots of ice cream. I made sushi for the first time and it turned out pretty well (and super delicious!).

portrait WolkersSuperfex bedroom

I was happy with finding a new old camera for our camera collection at the antique market. I also bought myself these peonies (my favorite flowers!) to celebrate the sales I made on Redbubble.


Oh how pretty Amsterdam looks these days. May and June are definitely the best months in Amsterdam. Flowers are in bloom, the trees are green and there are so many boats in the canals. I can walk for hours and hours besides the canals, looking at all the boats and people walking by.

I am excited for June because my parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and we’re going on a trip! I will tell you more about the trip this week.

Goodbye April, Hello May

April was quite a productive month. I’ve done a lot of designing this month and am about to open up my Etsy shop (probably next week). I have been stuck in a designers block these first months of the year. I am very happy I can finally do some decent designing again. I will show show you some of my work as soon as my shop opens.

April was also a month full of chocolate (oh Easter!) and a lot of running and cycling to stay healthy. Here are some of my favorite moments of April:

bleijBleij Rotterdam

The first weekend of april was spent in Rotterdam for Motel Mozaique, a festival with lots of good music, art and theatre. Our favorites were Ásgeir, Matthew & The Atlas, Kurt Vile, Angel Olsen, Moddi and Erlend Øye. We also visited a lot of great places like Bleij above, they have the most delicious icecream and pizza’s. Love the colours they used in their interior.

RotterdamErasmusbrug rotterdamThe Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam and a posing seagull.

bageltimelunchtimefluffy pancakesA lot of time was spend at the table enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinners. I love to sit at the table and talk, read and draw for hours in the weekends. I also folded my first paper crane and it turned out pretty nice (beyond my own expectation).

Staal haarlemstaal haarlem 2Visited STAAL in Haarlem for the first time.

easter breakfastWe had two big Easter brunches, one was with my parents, with way too much food.

grandma's poffertjesLast saturday we celebrated the first Kingsday in the Netherlands. We had a ritual at Queensday to eat Grandma’s poffertjes (they are like tiny pancakes and very Dutch) so we continued with this ritual on this first Kingsday.

apartment corner

We found this old Atak Inka at an antique market and fell in love with it. We took it home and we’ll take it with us soon on a small holiday trip to a yet unknown place.

Goodbye March, Hello April


This March was one of the best months ever. We got so many early spring days which made me insanely happy.

Here are some of my favorite moments taken with Instagram in March

strand huisEarly in March we biked to the beach and I wondered how awesome it must be to wake up everyday in this house we passed in the dunes.

portraitVisited a new place just around the corner, called Portrait, a concept store and a very nice place to spend some time.

icecreamEnjoyed my first icecream of 2014, strawberry and raspberry for the win!
coffee brucoffee

Had the most delicious cappuccino’s at Vinnies Deli and Coffee Bru, both in Amsterdam.

scrabble Played scrabble on a sunday afternoon and actually won!

amsterdamSoaked up a lot of sunshine while wandering the streets of Amsterdam

tram Took the ferry and visited the NDSM werf in Amsterdam where I stumbled upon this beautiful old streetcar. There is actually someone living in this!
outside Sat in the garden, a lot.

It was a great month and I’m looking forward to april!

Goodbye February, Hello March

February is always such a short month, I don’t think I will ever get used to it. I am very glad we proceed to march and hopefully we’ll get an early spring. I’m craving for some warm sun rays and sit in the garden or at the beach with the company of a good book.

Here are some of my favorite pictures I took last month.


februari desem maandtulipstulips 2clothesstrawscappuccinofiatflesch recordsbook