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November In Photos

Some snapshots from November:monstera

Our Monstera grows much better since we’ve moved into this house. It get’s so much more light and therefore also grows faster. We took cuttings from it half a year ago and they too are growing strong. The wall hanging was a DIY project that I did back in October.breakfast

Breakfast with croissants from the French bakery around the corner. Those croissants are so delicious that I’m having a hard time enjoying a normal croissant from the supermarket these days. Oh well, life is too short to enjoy bad food they say, right?autumn-in-utrecht

I have the feeling that Autumn has stayed on for a really long time this year. I took this picture at Nieuwegracht in Utrecht on an early Sunday morning walk.
canvast-poster-whalesthe-student-hotel-groningenI finally bought that canvas poster with whales on Etsy. It’s made by Arminho and I’ve had my eye on it for a long time.

On a Monday we went to Groningen to go to the concert of Matthew & the Atlas and Bear’s Den. We met up with Rene’s sister for drinks and dinner. She’s studying in Groningen and we had a nice couple of hours together. Later that evening we went to the concert and slept in The Student Hotel afterwards. The next day we explored the city which had so many new places (I used to go to Groningen very often as I grew up in Leeuwarden, which is a city very close to Groningen). Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs the whole day so we didn’t do all the things we had planned. We’ll have to go back soon!parked-bike-in-utrechthome-2homeputting-up-the-christmas-treeI really love being home these days. To light some candles, drink tea or hot chocolate and reading a good book. On the last Sunday of November we decided to put up the Christmas tree simply because I couldn’t wait any longer (thanks Instagram). November went by quite fast and I’m totally fine with that because I just can’t wait for Christmas. December will fly by, as it always does, so I’m really happy we started early with the decorations.

October In Photos

This was October on my Instagram:
latte-and-croissantA quiet and grey morning enjoying a latte and croissant in my favourite chair.listening-to-recordsWe bought this Marshall box and the sound is so good! We’ve been listening a lot to this new album by Regina Spektor, go listen if you haven’t already.stach-chocolateWe’ve tasted these new chocolate bars by Stach (the left one is definitely my new favourite.overgrown-facadeurban-garden-in-amsterdamI always love to go for long walks in Amsterdam and seeing all those pretty green corners which make me so happy. Happiness truly lies in the simple and small things.pumpkins-and-heathersunny-afternoonWe bought some pumpkins and heather for the rooftop terrace and spent a lot of our time drinking tea and reading. I’ve finally read the last book of the Wildwood series and I’m a little sad because now it’s really over.parked-bikesOctober was a good month with all the nice and sunny Autumn days that we got, the pretty colours that showed up everywhere and the warmth of lots of tea, blankets and candles.

September In Photos

A collection of photo’s that I posted on my Instagram in September:
carrotcake-at-berryOn the first Saturday of September we went to Amsterdam and had coffee and carrot cake at Berry. Secretly wanted to steal that plate!pilea-from-wildernisThat same Saturday I also finally found a Pilea peperomioides at my favourite place to shop for plants: Wildernis. It grows really fast so I’m probably able to take some cuttings from it next week (and start my new pilea family).livingstone-coffee-amersfoortamersfoortRene works from home 1 day every week so instead of working from home we went to Amersfoort. We worked at Livingstone Coffee, a lovely small coffee place in the heart of the city center. It was very quiet and relaxed (a very nice change compared to Amsterdam or Utrecht) and we both got a lot of work done.mornings-in-bedAt this time of the year, I love to have coffee or tea in bed in the mornings. On bright days the sun enters our bedroom in the morning and I love to wake up to the warm sunlight.fig-seasonFig season started this month and they are my favourite breakfast compared with yoghurt and honey roasted the afternoon the sunlight hits our living room and it always amazes me how fast the light changes in September. It’s getting much sharper and I really love it.rozet-arnhemTalking about sharp light. I took this photo when we went to Arnhem to visit my sister. These are the stairs of Rozet, the big library in Arnhem. I used to live in Arnhem (from 2007 till 2010) and I was amazed by how much has changed.

April In Photos

flower confetti in the streetsWhile I’m writing this blogpost I just realised this will be my first blogpost (a little bit later than expected) from my new apartment! It has been total chaos in my mind for the past weeks but I’m so happy with our new apartment (more about that later).

Early in April we unexpectedly found a new apartment and we would get the keys at the end of the month(!). Between all the stress of moving and packing April was quite a good month though.

bike in Amsterdam

When I was wandering the streets in Amsterdam I came across this cute bike and decided to take a snap. Only then I discovered the string of little flags behing the window. Oh, how things like that can make me smile!
breakfast at NativeInterior at Native

On a early Sunday morning we decided to have breakfast at Native in Haarlem (I already miss this place..)


This is one of my favorite views in Amsterdam. Especially on grey days it looks so charming.
banana bread at MicaPoffertjesOn the 27th of April we celebrate King’s Day in the Netherlands. Every year we eat poffertjes to celebrate which are these mini pancakes and they taste so good!

March In Photos

Sunshine in our homeMarch began when I was in the Czech Republic to finally enjoy some real snow. Early March I also got struck by the worst flu I’ve had in years. I was bound to the bed with a high fever for a whole week. After that terrible week was over, it got a little bit worse because the harddisk from my iMac was dying on me. Luckily a local computer shop could fix me up with a new one in under 24 hours and now my iMac is faster than ever! After all those bad things it was time for some good things to happen.

March was beginning to show some first signs of Spring. Sunshine, singing birds making nests in the tree in our garden, flowers and trees that are slowly starting to bloom. What’s not to love? I’m looking forward to the warmer days so I can soak up as much sunlight as I possibly can.

Coffee at Native

After being in bed for a week I was longing for a long walk in the city. We went for a coffee at this new place called Native which made me think of Berlin. They serve coffee from White Label, which I really love.
Breakfast in bed

A very lazy Sunday started with pancakes in bed. Also really like the latest edition of Flow magazine, look at that beautiful illustration on the cover!
Rooftops Haarlem

On a grey but still beautiful day, I decided to climb some stairs to enjoy this view over the orange rooftops of Haarlem.Morning sceneBreakfast with avocado

I’m addicted again to scrambled eggs with avocado, so good!

Bloemstraat Amsterdam

As I looked back at this photo I realised how much I enjoy Amsterdam when it’s grey outside. It just suits the city very well, don’t you think?
Latte at KOKOAfter a long time I went by KOKO again for a latte. Always a pleasure and a big recommendation to go visit whenever you’re in Amsterdam.

February in Photos

New Tea From Teastreet

February hasn’t been a very good month for me so I’m happy March is here and I’m so ready for some early Spring days. We ordered tea from Teastreet after drinking it at Friday Next in Amsterdam. We received our order the following day including a handwritten thank you card (love that!). Their chamomile tea is my  favorite tea at the moment.


February was the month of tulips. I bought tulips every week and they made me so happy in spite of all the bad things that happened.

Overtoom Amsterdam

On a Saturday in Amsterdam I spotted these pretty houses on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. I especially love the architecture of that house in the middle!

Rainy Sunday and Bananabread

Favorite Alley in HaarlemHaarlem

I really like to explore the hidden alley’s in Haarlem, this one is by far my favorite. It’s always so green no matter what season we’re in and it must be amazing to live in one of these houses.

Coffee and Cake at Mica

At Mica we had coffee and cake.Prinsengracht AmsterdamAmsterdam portrait

I found some pretty bikes while wandering the streets of Amsterdam.

Zacler, Czech RepublicFebruary ended with us travelling to the Czech Republic for a week of snowboarding and skiing. When we arrived it hadn’t snowed yet but it looked so pretty thanks to all these moody colours. More photos from our trip are coming later this week.

January in Photos

Morning Scene with Kinfolk Home

We’re more than a week into February and this month didn’t start as I hoped it would. I’ve been laying in bed (+couch) for almost 5 days thanks to my second visit to the dental surgeon. I’ve been having so much pain that it made me cry several times last week. I’m still taking painkillers as we speak, although I managed to lower it from 3 to 1 a day. I’m taking one before I go to sleep so I can at least sleep through the night without any pain. I really hope the pains will soon disappear and that I will be able to eat normally again.

When I looked back on January last week it made me happy so I thought of sharing some photo’s that I took last month.

Early January I ordered The Kinfolk Home book from some gift vouchers I got for my birthday in December. I really love the Kinfolk magazines and also the first book The Kinfolk Table so this new book was something I’ve had on my wishlist for a while. And I absolutely adore it! I slowly read all the stories about the featured homes when I’m drinking my coffee in the morning.

in bed

red house + parked bike

On a Saturday we went for a long walk between some wintry showers and came across this beautiful red house. In December we discovered a brand new coffee bar in Haarlem that had just opened up. We visited Mica several times in January and it has become our favorite coffee place. We love the window seats to watch the world go by while enjoying our coffee (I’m also crushing on all their plants).

Plants at Mica

first snowThen suddenly one morning we woke up to this winter wonderland. I was so excited and rushed outside for a walk. We don’t have much snow in the Netherlands- we used to have a lot more when I was younger- but nowadays it’s really rare. The snow on this Sunday was the tiniest bit but I didn’t care because everything looked so pretty.

slow morningsworking

January was a very productive month for me and I had a good start of the new year. I spend many hours behind my computer working but also learning new skills like the basics of making an animation in Adobe After Effects. Besides working I really enjoyed slow mornings at the table together with my love.


January was also the start of the tulip season- which always makes me longing for Spring. I came across these beautiful tulips when I spend the day in Amsterdam. That same day I also drank the cutest cappuccino ever at Trakteren.
bear cappuccino

Goodbye December, Hello January

I wish you all a happy new year! I can’t believe how fast 2014 went by. I have no special resolutions for this year but I look forward to take my career as a freelance illustrator to a new level. 2014 has been a great year for me. I started my freelance career and it made me beyond happy to finally do something in my life that I truly loved. Work didn’t seem like work anymore but more like a daily hobby in which I could express my creativity. I can’t wait to start working on new idea’s and concepts this week!

January just started but the days are already getting longer again. Yesterday it was getting dark around 17.15 pm instead of 16.30 pm just two weeks ago. Can’t wait for spring! Hope it will come early again this year. December was a great month filled with a trip to Berlin and a lot of celebrations. Here are some of my favorite moments in photo’s:tischendorf

tischendorf 2

One of my favorite places in Berlin is Tischendorf. It is a great spot to spend a morning/afternoon enjoying a cups of coffee and cake. The interior of Tischendorf is completely vintage and therefore feels like a cozy livingroom. We enjoyed a big piece of carrotcake which is a must try!

airbnb BerlinWe rented a lovely Airbnb appartment in Prenzlauer Berg, my favorite neighbourhood in Berlin. Our host, Lisa, was very nice and left us some great recommendations. Her appartment had a great interior and we fell in love with her table. I love wood so much!

prenzlauer berg 2prenzlauer bergvw berlinRosenthaler strasse

Berlin is just a great city. We’ve been to so many cute coffee places and stores while walking around in the city. I could definitely see myself living there one day.

the barn

We had coffee at the Barn and took a bag of Christmas beans home. Great coffee!five elephant

An other favorite place to have coffee in Berlin is Five Elephant, they have some awesome maps on the wall! We also bought a bag of beans to take home with us.

michelberger hotel brandenburger toron the table 1

When we got back home we enjoyed the beans we brought with us. Hoping to go back to Berlin somewhere in spring/summer.

christmas chemexChristmas came and it were some busy but great days. We took it slow until New Year’s Eve and drank a lot of coffee. I got a chemex for my birthday and we enjoy it so much.

Goodbye November, Hello December

The days have been grey and cold in November. Last winter we haven’t had any really cold days but this year it’s going to be different I guess. I bought a new coat which is way warmer than my old one and it turned out te be a good choice. I am not a real fan of winter, I don’t like the dark days and I hate the cold. However I love to wear warm knitted sweaters, drinking hot chocolate under a blanket and I love snow! I really hope we will get a white Christmas this year. I am pretty excited for December, we will be going to Berlin, my birthday is on the 25th of december and we will celebrate Christmas with our parents at our place.

In november I’ve spend a lot of time in Amsterdam, exploring new streets and new coffee spots. Here are some of my favorite moments:

BoterhamBoterham 2

In early November we visited this great spot for lunch called BOTERHAM (Dutch for sandwich). They have a great interior with lots of wood and they sell pretty things for your home like planters, lamps and prints. We’ve had some coffee and a piece of their red velvet cake, which is my new favorite cake!KeizersgrachtI will miss these green leaves – they are slowly fading away.Anna + Nina Anna + Nina 2These photo’s were taken at Anna + Nina in de Pijp. They have an amazing shop, look at that wallpaper! It’s the kind of shop where you simply want to buy everything.BlauwburgwalScandinavian EmbassyI went to the Scandinavian Embassy to try their coffee. Some people described it as the best coffee of Amsterdam and it sure was. The place is owned by Swedes and it’s a perfect place for fika and to try Scandinavian treats like kanelbullar.Rainy AmsterdamThere were also some rainy days but Amsterdam still looked pretty.Vintage Bike + Wooden DoorMogadorMy favorite coffee place in Haarlem, Mogador, opened up a second location just around the corner. It’s a beautiful place and I love their interior, especially the tables!Sunny Amsterdam Chika in the ForestThis girl called Chika, came to stay over for a couple of days. We went for long walks together in the forest and she woke us up in the morning. She doesn’t like pictures though but I got lucky shooting this one.

Goodbye October, Hello November

As you may have noticed I have been a little absent throughout October here on the blog. October wasn’t a very good month for me. It started with me suffering from a terrible flu. When I finally recovered I just felt incredibly uninspired. I tried everything to regain my creativity and inspiration but it all turned out to be unsuccessful. I tried to work on new illustrations and designs which all seemed to turn out into a big disaster. So frustrating!

Every year I go through the same thing, when winter is coming and days turn darker I have trouble finding creativity and energy to do things. I feel tired at 5 pm when the last daylight is slowly fading. At 8 pm it feels like it’s 11 pm and all I can possibly think of is sleep. It annoys me so much and makes me feel really old. Last week I decided to give myself some free time to relax. I read a lot (Wildwood and Lena Dunham) and catched up on some series and movies. I went to bed early and took short naps in the afternoon. This week I’m slowly getting into my workflow again (yeah!)

I’m very glad to leave October behind me and put my focus on November. I can’t believe how fast the time goes, almost another year gone! Some good moments from October:

CappuccinoDrinking cappuccino’s outside at Anne & Max on a sunday afternoon in good succulentWe got ourselves a new member of the succulent family.KukichaThere are a lot of new cute stores and cafe’s opening in Haarlem. This concept store called ‘Kukicha’ is the newest and cutest addition to the list.dahliahI bought myself some dahlias. Because when you’re feeling a little depressed flowers always make you feel better!Bikeportrait 2More than 1000 people are following me on Instagram so I decided to start a new hashtag: #dutchbikeportraits (go check it out!)AmsterdamAutumn was the best thing in October. Stunning colors and foggy canals in Amsterdam made my day!Cappuccino at Vinnies Deli Vinnies DeliVisited the new Vinnies Deli and fell in love with their upstairs interior.Amsterdam facadeHalloweenHalloween! Instead of going to a party we stayed home and held a Tim Burton Marathon with ‘Frankenweenie’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘Beetlejuice’.