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Valentine’s Day

handsI hope you all had a nice day filled with lots of  love, I sure had. Mine started with a cup of coffee with Rene this morning. We are not really into buying gifts for each other on Valentine’s Day because we think you should be able to buy your loved ones a gift on any day of the year. Besides, giving someone a present when they least expect one is so much more fun (I love surprised faces). We do however developed a tradition since our first Valentine’s Day together; eating cheesecake! Last year I made one myself but since we’re lacking an oven in this apartment I wasn’t able to make one myself this year. We’ve tried some cheesecake at many different spots so far, but the New York Cheesecake from Starbucks is still our all time favorite. So after work today we headed over to the Starbucks for a cappuccino and a piece of cheesecake.

starbucksWe ordered some dinner tonight and have been hanging on the couch together the whole evening watching season 2 of ‘House of Cards’ on Netflix (so addicting!). Even Obama tweeted about it yesterday which made me smile.

tweet obama

Valentine’s Day should be more about spending time with your loved ones instead of buying gifts for each other. So I’m heading back to the couch now for more ‘House of Cards’. Have a good weekend everyone!

pier 17station

A visit from a stranger and avocado

morning sceneThe days are slowly getting brighter which makes me very happy. I’ve been struggling to get out of bed for a couple of weeks, but this week it finally seems to get easier now it’s actually light outside in the morning. Yesterday I was up early when I heard some meowing coming from the garden, it was Kitty. Well let me explain about kitty. People who follow me on Instagram have seen some pictures of this cat before. Kitty, I don’t know what his real name is so decided to call him Kitty to which he actually responds, is the cat from the neighbours. Since the day we moved into this apartment he has been in front of the garden doors calling for us. We figured that maybe the previous residents of the apartment fed him. Anyways, Kitty is here now almost every morning calling out for us so the other day we let hem inside because we love cats and don’t have one ourselves (yet!). He explored the house and was being so cute. Yesterday morning our mr. Stranger was calling at the door again, although we don’t feed him he keeps coming back for some attention. I let hem in and took some photo’s while he enjoyed the sun and was eating our plants. kitty

kitty 2kitty eats the plantsIsn’t he cute?

Yesterday I didn’t get around doing much work so today I’ve started with a good breakfast hoping it would boost my productivity. I had some lovely croissants and a big glass of orange juice with a very cute paper straw. breakfastFor lunch I found an avocado in the fridge and decided to make some knackebröd with cheese, eggs and avocado. So delicious! I’m really starting to appreciate avocado in my life. Do any of you know some good recipes with avocado in it? Let me know in a comment!