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March In Photos

Sunshine in our homeMarch began when I was in the Czech Republic to finally enjoy some real snow. Early March I also got struck by the worst flu I’ve had in years. I was bound to the bed with a high fever for a whole week. After that terrible week was over, it got a little bit worse because the harddisk from my iMac was dying on me. Luckily a local computer shop could fix me up with a new one in under 24 hours and now my iMac is faster than ever! After all those bad things it was time for some good things to happen.

March was beginning to show some first signs of Spring. Sunshine, singing birds making nests in the tree in our garden, flowers and trees that are slowly starting to bloom. What’s not to love? I’m looking forward to the warmer days so I can soak up as much sunlight as I possibly can.

Coffee at Native

After being in bed for a week I was longing for a long walk in the city. We went for a coffee at this new place called Native which made me think of Berlin. They serve coffee from White Label, which I really love.
Breakfast in bed

A very lazy Sunday started with pancakes in bed. Also really like the latest edition of Flow magazine, look at that beautiful illustration on the cover!
Rooftops Haarlem

On a grey but still beautiful day, I decided to climb some stairs to enjoy this view over the orange rooftops of Haarlem.Morning sceneBreakfast with avocado

I’m addicted again to scrambled eggs with avocado, so good!

Bloemstraat Amsterdam

As I looked back at this photo I realised how much I enjoy Amsterdam when it’s grey outside. It just suits the city very well, don’t you think?
Latte at KOKOAfter a long time I went by KOKO again for a latte. Always a pleasure and a big recommendation to go visit whenever you’re in Amsterdam.

Weekly Favorites #7

coffee at back to black

While the days continue to be grey and rainy, I’m spending my days listening to Christmas music, drinking coffee and hot chocolate and work a little bit. I’m not the most productive at the moment but it’s okay. I’ve had a great year so far so I’m giving myself some time off to finish some less important projects that have been lying around for a while. Some favorites from last week:

    • Best coffee/tea of the week: I spent a day in Amsterdam last week to do some Christmas shopping and a to do a little bit of work. Whenever I’m in Amsterdam I love to go for a cappuccino at Back to Black. The atmosphere and coffee is awesome and I always end up sitting there for hours.
    • Favorite drink/food: we spent the weekend with our family in Friesland. We had Dutch pea soup (snert) for dinner and it’s so good!
    • Best article I found on the internet: this article about a woman who captures beautiful and expressive photos of cats to deal with her own insecurities. Just read it and look at those photos!morning scene on pinterest
    • Favorite pin on Pinterest: this morning scene. Really love that cup! Because you never have enough cups- right?
    • Song of the week: Baby, It’s Cold Outside by She & Him. My favorite song from my favorite Christmas album- can’t get enough of this song.


A cosy sunday afternoon

Overview table

My feeds on social media have been filled with holiday related pictures. Everybody seems to be preparing for Christmas and I absolutely love it! The past few days have been dark, gloomy and rainy and I kind of need those festive twinkling lights, candles and christmas trees.

On saturday we went to Amsterdam to buy some gifts and food. We went to Petit Gateau (Haarlemmerstraat 80, Amsterdam), a French patisserie, to buy ourselves some delicious tartlets. We had them this afternoon with coffee and they’re amazing! It gave me that festive feeling, sitting at the table together and enjoy good food. You should definitely try out Petit Gateau whenever you find yourself in Amsterdam!

Overview table 2tartletstartletcoffee

November walk


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetI love to go for walks these past few weeks. Whenever the weather seems okay I’m going out for a long walk and to get a coffee. I’ve always loved going for walks but ever since I’m not living with my parents and our dog anymore I just don’t go that often. During these past few weeks I discovered how happy long walks make me and that it’s doing wonders for my productivity. Working from home every day can be hard sometimes and I often feel uninspired. Walks help me clear my mind and I get inspired by looking at the life around me. I now try to go for a walk (for at least an hour) almost every day. Today I combined my walk with running some errands and took some photos along the way.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Really love this quarter of Haarlem, it’s called the Vijfhoek and has the cutest little alleyways. I went to Brandmeester’s for a coffee and drank it outside (oh yeah November!).

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset




Weekly Favorites #4

Favorite coffee #4

Last week has been a very busy week. My to do list never seemed to get to an end and I felt a little bit stressed out. On friday I decided that I should slow it down a bit, so I took a moment to calm down which helped me to get my head clear again. I worked a little more on friday evening and on saturday which helped me to meet my deadlines. The good things of this week:

  • Best coffee of the week: this coffee made at home. The beans were from Stooker Roasting co and I used my chemex to brew the coffee.
  • Favorite drink/food: a well deserved glass of whiskey on saturday evening. We’ve bought a bottle of The Naked Grouse (from The Famous Grouse) a while ago.
  • Favorite pin on Pinterest: this morning scene with croissants. I love croissants so much!
  • Best article I found on the internet: this article on Bleubird about arguing between couples and making compromises. The comments are also quite interesting!

croissant pin

  • Song of the week: Slow Show by Coeur de Pirate,  this is the best cover of a song by the National I’ve ever heard!

Weekly Favorites #2


Autumn is kicking in these days, we’ve had so many grey days and I really have to get used to the lack of light. The trees however look stunning with their beautiful colors against a grey sky. Here are my weekly favorites from last week.

    • Best coffee of the week:  on saturday morning after a visit to the market, we went to TOKI in Amsterdam. We drank a cappuccino and enjoyed the best banana bread with coconut. TOKI is quite new to the Amsterdam scene, but it’s already turning into one of my favorite spots. They serve coffee from Bonanza in Berlin and offer some great indie magazines to read while you sip your coffee.
    • Favorite drink/food: most definitely the banana bread at TOKI. Have to recreate this at home!
    • Best article I found on the internet: this article about an illustrator who illustrates the literal meanings of idioms in a cute and funny way.
    • Favorite pin on Pinterest: this table setting. I love to have cozy dinners like these while it’s getting colder and darker outside.

  • Song of the week: Awake by Tycho, I really love this ambient music with some soft electronic touches.

KOKO Coffee & Design

la nonette

Nothing is better than drinking a great cup of coffee while looking at amazing things. KOKO Coffee & Design is one of those places where you can fall in love with almost everything you see, a place where you feel at home right away. The design products and fashion are carefully selected by the two owners Karlijn and Caroline. They sell clothes, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, wallets, home products, shoes, art and coffee. They have new stuff in almost every week which makes every visit unique.

Karlijn and Caroline have selected a great collection of clothes in which they combine Scandinavian basics with Dutch design. Every two months they have a new expo in the store showing the work of a young and aspiring artist. At the moment they exhibit the lovely illustrations painted by La Nonette Illustration.

And then there is the coffee! The coffee at KOKO is roasted by the roasters of the Antwerp Caffènation and is being served in dark red cups.

koko bike corner

They always have a lovely bicycle from a designer for sale. This one is a real beauty!
la nonette paintingla nonette illustration

The work of La Nonette Illustration is amazing and is made by the talented Dutch Manon Nanette Bijkerk. You can check out more of her work here.
koko cornercappucinokoko bordYou can visit KOKO at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 145 in Amsterdam where this cute bearded dude is waiting for you.


Portrait, a concept store in Haarlem

Portrait 1This afternoon I visited a new spot in town; Portrait (Haarlem, raamvest 29a). Portrait is a concept store where you can shop for amazing design items, work or just have a coffee. They are situated in an old building in the city center that once was used as a horse stable. Thanks to a big renovation of the whole building, I have to say, it looks pretty amazing! I had a cappuccino and Rene had a latte macchiato and we shared a brownie together. The coffee was great, too bad they didn’t have latte art (yet?!) and we got some tiny Tony’s chocolates on the side (they scored some serious points with that). Lovely spot to hang out and get some work done. I guess I will be hanging out here a lot, especially since it’s yet another lovely spot just around the corner of our house.

portrait 10portrait 8portrait 3portrait 9portrait 12portrait 6portrait 4portrait 2portrait 7

Walking through the city enjoying the sun

haarlem tower

The sun was shining this morning and since that’s pretty rare these days I decided to go for a walk through the city. Haarlem has a beautiful church, the saint Bavo, which keeps amazing me every time I walk by it. I walked through some beautiful alleys and little streets.


cafe ben

I walked across Douwe Egberts café when I decided to grab a coffee there. Although I’m usually avoiding Douwe Egberts because I’m more into the smaller coffee cafe’s I was drawn to this one. Not too weird if you take a look at the old building it was in, I fell in love with the windows right away. When I entered the café I was amazed by how awesome it looked from the inside. I ordered a cappuccino and went upstairs to find myself a nice place to sit and have a better look at the stained glass windows.

de cafe 3de cafe 2DE cafecappuchino at DE

Whenever you find yourself in Haarlem make sure to visit the Douwe Egberts café (zijlstraat 58) to have a look at the beautiful building they’re in. After finishing the cappuccino I headed back home. I was just inside when it started to rain, lucky me! Glad I had a chance to enjoy some sun today.