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A Sunday In Amsterdam


Sunday was the perfect Indian Summer day. As last week was pretty cold and we had to turn on the heating again, I pulled all my chunky warm sweaters out of the closet. I’m the kind of person that is always cold so I love to dress up as warm as I can. Yesterday however, the sun came out and the temperature was suddenly hitting the 18 degrees. It was the perfect weather for a long walk outside so we decided to take the train to Amsterdam and walk along the canals. The trees along the canals are slowly changing colours and you can already spot some beautiful tints of yellow, orange, brown and even red.

The light was gorgeous, the sun at a low angle creating these beautiful long shadows. I love to walk down these narrow streets full with parked bikes. It is this time of the year that Amsterdam is looking it’s prettiest. number-27urban-garden

Urban gardens are found on almost every corner and I always have to stop and look at them. egelantiersgrachtcat-egelantiersgracht

The Egelantiersgracht and Bloemgracht are two of my favourite canals in Amsterdam. They are smaller than the big ones, less touristy and so pretty. Spotted this cat at the Egelangtiersgracht enjoying himself while observing the life around

We walked all the way to Amsterdam West where we stumbled upon a fairly new coffee spot called Monks Coffee Roasters. We drank a cappuccino, shared a piece of caramel shortbread and flipped through some books that were lying around. The interior at Monks is industrial but cozy. The owner happened to be Australian and very friendly and the coffee was really good so go visit if you’re in the neighbourhood! (Bilderdijkstraat 46)cart-monks-coffee-roasters

Rainy afternoon walk


I’m not really a fan of rain, or at least I don’t like walking or cycling in the rain. Living in the Netherlands though means you can’t always escape from the rain. I went on a walk in the city center this afternoon and did some minor shopping as well. And I must admit; everything looks so pretty when it rains. Maybe I’m slowly starting to love rain?

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Back home, I made myself a warm cup of coffee. Bought that notebook + postcard and the black crown pen. I’ve been busy practising different hand lettering styles these past few weeks. Maybe I’ll show some of my work here soon (if I feel confident enough).IMG_0652


November walk


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetI love to go for walks these past few weeks. Whenever the weather seems okay I’m going out for a long walk and to get a coffee. I’ve always loved going for walks but ever since I’m not living with my parents and our dog anymore I just don’t go that often. During these past few weeks I discovered how happy long walks make me and that it’s doing wonders for my productivity. Working from home every day can be hard sometimes and I often feel uninspired. Walks help me clear my mind and I get inspired by looking at the life around me. I now try to go for a walk (for at least an hour) almost every day. Today I combined my walk with running some errands and took some photos along the way.

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Really love this quarter of Haarlem, it’s called the Vijfhoek and has the cutest little alleyways. I went to Brandmeester’s for a coffee and drank it outside (oh yeah November!).

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A day in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is a neighbourhood in London which you could describe in a few words; urban, industrial buildings, street art, a great selection of hip shops, restaurants and coffee shops. You’ll get the idea. We wandered through the streets of Shoreditch for a whole day when we were in London admiring the graffiti and fell in love with all the pretty shops. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCWe discovered this place called The Albion. It’s a cafe and small shop and their interior looks wonderful! They offer a great selection of food and drinks so a must visit.

SONY DSCQuite near the Albion we found a shop called Labour And WaitThey sell a great collection of simple and clean designed home ware products.aesopAnother recommendation is the Aesop shop in Shoreditch. They have amazing skin care products and their store has such a lovely interior.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSince Shoreditch is quite old there are a lot of beautiful historical buildings and houses everywhere. I could totally see myself living in this area!SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCYou can find a lot of graffiti in Shoreditch made by great artists (like Banksy).


A sunday at the NDSM Docks

On sunday we went to the NDSM Docks in Amsterdam, in Dutch also known as the NDSM Werf. From Amsterdam Central Station we hopped on a ferry (free rides!) that took us over the IJ in about 15 minutes to the north of Amsterdam where the docks are located. A sign in the water tells you that the place is beyond belief and it really is. The whole area looks like an incredible movie set full of industrial buildings, some abandoned and some occupied by cool companies and cafe’s. But there is more that meets the eye. You can find lots of hidden places all around, like a city beach, old street cars, lots of graffiti and other great artworks made by talented artists.


After walking around and discovering a little bit we dropped by Pllek for a drink. Their place consists of old sea containers in which they build a cafe and lots of places to sit. Outside they have a city beach and terrace with picknick tables. If you want to sit on the beach, you can grab a beach chair or bean bag from one of their sea containers. We grabbed ourselves two bean bags and had a drink near the water.

Oh how I love swings, couldn’t resist this one of course!


We ended our visit with a piece of cheesecake at Cafe Noorderlicht.cheesecake 1

Walking through the city enjoying the sun

haarlem tower

The sun was shining this morning and since that’s pretty rare these days I decided to go for a walk through the city. Haarlem has a beautiful church, the saint Bavo, which keeps amazing me every time I walk by it. I walked through some beautiful alleys and little streets.


cafe ben

I walked across Douwe Egberts café when I decided to grab a coffee there. Although I’m usually avoiding Douwe Egberts because I’m more into the smaller coffee cafe’s I was drawn to this one. Not too weird if you take a look at the old building it was in, I fell in love with the windows right away. When I entered the café I was amazed by how awesome it looked from the inside. I ordered a cappuccino and went upstairs to find myself a nice place to sit and have a better look at the stained glass windows.

de cafe 3de cafe 2DE cafecappuchino at DE

Whenever you find yourself in Haarlem make sure to visit the Douwe Egberts café (zijlstraat 58) to have a look at the beautiful building they’re in. After finishing the cappuccino I headed back home. I was just inside when it started to rain, lucky me! Glad I had a chance to enjoy some sun today.