Bad Luck Versus Good Luck

Today is Friday the thirteenth and although I’m anything but superstitious, I must admit that some bad luck hit us this morning. We woke up early and as always I made my way to the kitchen to brew some coffee. While I was grinding the beans Rene walked into the kitchen with a sad and painful face. He told me he had a very painful kink in the neck and the pain was quite bad. I tried to massage his muscles around the neck and shoulders in the hope it would be a relief but it didn’t do much. After a hot shower it felt a little better but his muscles were aching from his neck to his shoulders. He decided to stay home today and give it some rest. I’m really happy to say that he’s feeling much better right now and the rest today really helped, which is a relief as we leave tomorrow morning to go to Cologne for the weekend. Tomorrow we are together for five years! Can’t believe how fast the time flies by. We will stay in Cologne until Monday evening and I’m really looking forward to spend some time away together.

It wasn’t all bad luck though today as we also received this beautiful coffee pot from House Doctor in the mail. A couple of weeks ago House Doctor had a survey running and was giving out this coffee pot to 20 lucky people who had filled it in. Rene and me both filled it in and a couple of days later Rene received an e-mail that he had won one of the coffee pots (made me a very happy girlfriend).

♥ I hope your Friday was much better than ours – happy weekend you guys! ♥

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