April In Photos

flower confetti in the streetsWhile I’m writing this blogpost I just realised this will be my first blogpost (a little bit later than expected)¬†from my new apartment! It has been total chaos in my mind for the past weeks but I’m so happy with our new apartment (more about that later).

Early in April we unexpectedly found a new apartment and we would get the keys at the end of the month(!). Between all the stress of moving and packing April was quite a good month though.

bike in Amsterdam

When I was wandering the streets in Amsterdam I came across this cute bike and decided to take a snap. Only then I discovered the string of little flags behing the window. Oh, how things like that can make me smile!
breakfast at NativeInterior at Native

On a early Sunday morning we decided to have breakfast at Native in Haarlem (I already miss this place..)


This is one of my favorite views in Amsterdam. Especially on grey days it looks so charming.
banana bread at MicaPoffertjesOn the 27th of April we celebrate King’s Day in the Netherlands. Every year we eat poffertjes to celebrate which are these mini pancakes and they taste so good!

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