Apartment corners – March –

Last december, Rene and I moved to our new apartment in Haarlem. It’s a nice space located at the edge of the city center with a big living room, one bedroom and a garden (which needs some work before spring starts). Since we moved here I’m pretty obsessed with decorating the house. My main source for inspiration is Pinterest, there are so many different spaces on it with such a great decor, I love it! I decided to do a monthly blog post about our apartment featuring some nice corners and new stuff.

Let’s start with the bedroom.

BedroomDSC00108 bedroom

And off to the living room! This spot on the couch is my favourite, that’s where I’m lying around like a couch potato while reading a book. 

couch Kitty - Inside WandererThese shelves are our newest addition to the apartment. Since some of our walls are made of concrete we were unable to hang them ourselves because we were lacking the right drill to do so. Thanks to Peerby we found someone who had the right drill and he came to our house last week to help us out. Peerby is a website where you can borrow the things you need from people in your neighbourhood. Simple as that but apparently very effective! 

Shelving - Inside Wandererkitty likes the lamps - Inside Wandererapartment cornersAn other new addition are these chairs, we’ve got two of them. Kitty loves to curl up in these.

Eames Chair - Inside Wanderer

Apartment Corners - Inside Wanderer

6 Thoughts on “Apartment corners – March –

  1. Roxy on March 6, 2014 at 4:52 pm said:

    Place is looking good! When did you get a cat?!

  2. Love the pics, great compositions

  3. Anneke Nijenhuis on March 7, 2014 at 12:19 am said:

    Eames!! Dat zijn mijn droomstoelen haha, ook die kleur en die pootjes. Sowieso niets dan liefde voor jullie huis, voor zover ik kan zien <3

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