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Little Moments #16

Week 16: I live in a rented apartment and I’m totally fine with that. Our apartment is old and not at all perfect but I love our space. It’s light, quite big with two bedrooms, a big rectangle of a living room and a separate kitchen. The kitchen is nothing special and there isn’t much space in it. We hung up some kitchen shelves as soon as we moved in here to have more space for our coffee makers and cups. These shelves quickly became one of my favourite things in the kitchen. I love how I can display some of favourite cups, bowls and pretty coffee makers on it. I love to change everything around every now and then to keep things interesting. This is the current set up with tableware from Broste Copenhagen and House Doctor. I love how the items have slightly different tones of blue/green but are still matching and very similar.

I got a little cutting as a gift from a friend when she came to visit. Such a great gift! Can’t wait for it to grow some roots. On Sunday I decided I wanted to read for a couple of hours without any distractions. I recently became very aware of the fact that I’m so easily distracted. I sort of constantly feel the urge to check up on Instagram, blogs, Pinterest and so on. I love the visual aspects of everything on the internet and it gives me a lot of inspiration as a graphic designer and illustrator. However, putting away all the digital stuff a little more often would be good for me. I always have loved reading and I can read almost anywhere, even in loud and lively spaces. I wish though that I would read a little more instead of checking Instagram for the 100th time on a day. I finally read more than a 100 pages at once, without any disturbances at all. It felt so good! Must do this more often, especially in the weekend.

Little Moments #15

Week 15: we did a lot of preparation for Easter this week. We bought yellow tulips and lots of fruits like these beautiful little figs. I always love to put some fresh figs on top of my bowl of yoghurt and granola and these were just so ripe and sweet. We looked forward to the long Easter weekend for the whole week. Since we have been so busy for the last couple of weeks, we both longed for a weekend in which we could just sit back and relax. And that is just what we did. We drank coffee and tea (from my beautiful new collection of House of Rym cups) while we talked a lot, watched Netflix and Rene played video games while I spent my time reading on the couch. We both already felt energised again before it was Monday again (we both were free on Monday and Tuesday this week as well!). 

Easter Brunch

On Sunday morning we had a little Easter Brunch for just the two of us. We had made a braided bread the night before and sprinkled it with sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and flaked almonds- it turned out pretty good! It really inspired us to bake more loafs of bread from now on. We got out of bed early on Sunday to bake heart shaped pancakes, boil some eggs and brew a pot of fresh coffee. I put some yoghurt on my heart shaped pancakes and topped it off with some pomegranate seeds. I always love to have a variety of different sorts of bread, fruits and a little bit of chocolate on Easter morning. The speckled chocolate eggs are my favourite Easter eggs, the filling is just so delicious! We also had some smaller rolls, chocolate filled rolls, warm croissants from the oven and spelt crackers. I wouldn’t mind having this brunch every Sunday.

Hope you had some lovely Easter days as well! 

Little Moments #14

Week 14: on Wednesday my new Macbook Air that I ordered came in. I have been wanting one for quite a while so I was overly excited (besides all the installing that is). As some of you know, I work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer so I work from home a lot. We have a big desk set up in our living room from where I usually work on my iMac. For the last couple of months I sometimes got frustrated with working from home. As it may sound perfect, and it mostly really is, it also has some big downsides to it. You can get lonely sometimes as you always work alone and are not able to socialize with colleagues and most of my client contact is done digitally. Also working from home means a lot of distractions, for example I can’t stand it if it’s a mess around the house as it really distracts me from my work. When that’s the case I start to clean the house or run some errands instead of working. So I thought it would be a great solution to be able to work at other places or with friends every now and then. Last week I decided to go for it and bought this Macbook Air and I love the freedom it gives me! It even boosted my productiveness as I’m now also able to work from the couch or from bed in the evenings, when I’m usually tired and don’t want to sit at my desk anymore. Double win! The pretty wallpaper is by Chloe Hall for DesignLoveFest.

On Saturday morning I took it slow and enjoyed a croissant and coffee in bed with the first edition of Boom Saloon. On Sunday it felt like it was Summer, the day started out quite warm and we enjoyed the Sun on our rooftop terrace. In the afternoon we went for a long walk in the forest where Rene took this photo of me. We’re so lucky with the lovely weather lately. I try to soak up as much of it as I can because I know it won’t last- after all this is the Netherlands.

Little Moments #13

Week 13: all the magnolia’s in our neighbourhood starting blooming and they just look so pretty, don’t you think? I came across so many on my daily walks but this one was by far the prettiest. I found the perfect little plant for the ceramic planter from HearHear and I love that handmade wooden ant eater from T-lab (now I want to collect them all). On Saturday we hired a car and went to Ikea and the garden center. As the weather gets nicer we wanted to give our rooftop terrace a little make over. We traded our (ugly) old metal chairs for some wooden lounge elements from Ikea and we’re very happy with it, such an improvement! We want to get two more elements soon so that we have a complete set for this Summer. We also bought a garden bench that we wanted to use to create a little garden in front of the kitchen window. I never thought plants would me make this happy.