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November In Photos

Some snapshots from November:monstera

Our Monstera grows much better since we’ve moved into this house. It get’s so much more light and therefore also grows faster. We took cuttings from it half a year ago and they too are growing strong. The wall hanging was a DIY project that I did back in October.breakfast

Breakfast with croissants from the French bakery around the corner. Those croissants are so delicious that I’m having a hard time enjoying a normal croissant from the supermarket these days. Oh well, life is too short to enjoy bad food they say, right?autumn-in-utrecht

I have the feeling that Autumn has stayed on for a really long time this year. I took this picture at Nieuwegracht in Utrecht on an early Sunday morning walk.
canvast-poster-whalesthe-student-hotel-groningenI finally bought that canvas poster with whales on Etsy. It’s made by Arminho and I’ve had my eye on it for a long time.

On a Monday we went to Groningen to go to the concert of Matthew & the Atlas and Bear’s Den. We met up with Rene’s sister for drinks and dinner. She’s studying in Groningen and we had a nice couple of hours together. Later that evening we went to the concert and slept in The Student Hotel afterwards. The next day we explored the city which had so many new places (I used to go to Groningen very often as I grew up in Leeuwarden, which is a city very close to Groningen). Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs the whole day so we didn’t do all the things we had planned. We’ll have to go back soon!parked-bike-in-utrechthome-2homeputting-up-the-christmas-treeI really love being home these days. To light some candles, drink tea or hot chocolate and reading a good book. On the last Sunday of November we decided to put up the Christmas tree simply because I couldn’t wait any longer (thanks Instagram). November went by quite fast and I’m totally fine with that because I just can’t wait for Christmas. December will fly by, as it always does, so I’m really happy we started early with the decorations.

The first of December


Happy 1st of December! I can’t believe it’s finally December and Christmas will be in about three weeks. I have been in the festive mood for at least two weeks already. Last weekend we decided to put up the Christmas tree, as I simply couldn’t wait any longer. On Sunday morning we got out all the boxes out and started decorating the tree while we listened to the new Christmas album by She & Him (so good!) and drank hot chocolate. The weeks leading up to Christmas are always my favourite because everything looks so cozy with all the Christmas lights and candles on.

I also hear a lot of people around me who have trouble to get into the festive mood this year. Some tips to help you find your Christmas spirit:

  • Invite your friends over and prepare a nice dinner together – plus play some board/card games after dinner
  • Go bake a cake or cookies
  • Light a ton of candles at night and make yourself some hot chocolate
  • Watch a Christmas movie on Netflix. Some movies that always get me in the festive mood in early December are Serendipity, The Holiday and The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Listen to Christmas music. I love to listen to both Christmas albums by She & Him and also Smith & Burrows
  • Bundle up and go for a walk after dinner. It’s nice to look at all the Christmas lights and also to peek inside people’s houses and see them cozying up inside
  • Search for the best new Christmas commercials on the internet. I loved this one from H&M directed by Wes Anderson and starring Adrien Brody. Another one I really liked was the one from Marks and Spencer