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New year, new goals


It’s a new year! The last week of 2015 me and Rene both had a week off. Normally we always go on a holiday or a citytrip whenever we have some days off but this time we just stayed at home. It was great to be at home together; we went for a beach walk, played games, went to the movies and drank a lot of coffee together. On thursday we baked a whole lot of oliebollen, it’s a traditional Dutch New Year’s treat (you can compare it to a doughnut in the shape of a snowball). We sold 40 oliebollen to people in our neighbourhood thanks to a platform for sharing food called thuis afgehaald. We baked around 100 oliebollen that day! In the evening my parents, my sister and her boyfriend came over to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us. They all slept over for 2 nights and it was so good to be together.

I’ve lost my wisdom teeth yesterday – something I’ve been afraid of for a real long time! Luckily my dental surgeon was the most friendly doctor I’ve met in years so I was really happy about that. I decided to conquer some more fears this year, because it feels so good. Here are some of my goals for 2016:

  • make a new layout for the blog
  • conquer my fear for insects (big spiders and wasps in particular)
  • learn to play guitar. I just bought the guitalele above, a Yamaha GL1, it’s a combination between a normal guitar and a ukulele. I used to play a little guitar when I was in school but just when I got the hang of it I stopped playing (so stupid!)
  • learn Spanish and Danish with the help of Duolingo
  • learn more about coffee and latte art. This thursday I’m going to do a coffee training (gift from Rene for my birthday) at one of the best coffee shops in Haarlem; Mogador
  • read 25 books (also see my Goodreads)
  • learn to animate my illustrated characters (so excited about this!)
  • learn screenprinting (I wanted to learn this last year but it didn’t happen so this year it’s a must)
  • practise my handlettering
  • go for more walks because it relaxes me and makes me more productive
  • meet new people and go on a lot of coffee dates

Other really cool things that are happening this year:

  • my brother in law that lives in Toronto will get married in August to his awesome girlfriend and they will marry in the Netherlands. Also really cool; I’ve designed their Save The Date and I’m working on a wedding website design as we speak!
  • travel to America and Canada – while this was planned for june/july, we’re not sure if we will make it in those months but we will go there somewhere this year
  • there’s a chance that at the end of February, we will be going on a winter sport trip (which means snowboarding for me, and skiing for Rene)

I hope to achieve a lot of the listed goals above, especially since there are so many new things I want to learn. Instead of the clich√© resolutions like eating more healthy food or go to the gym more often I decided to focus on things I really want to learn. Learning new things is easy to achieve and it’s awesome to learn new skills! What do you want to learn in 2016?