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Some afternoon delights


• Reading: the new Kinfolk volume 13
• Drinking: a cup of freshly pressed coffee
Eating: peanut butter cookies which are hard to set aside
• Listening:  to the Seven Swans album by Sufjan Stevens (this song in particular!)
Dreaming: about travels to Scandinavia and Iceland
Feeling: cold and tired (pulled my winter sweaters out of the closet today)
Wishing:  this would be a more productive week

At the seaside

Yesterday we took the train to Beverwijk and a bus to Wijk aan Zee. My parents gave us a voucher for a hotel so we booked a room at a hotel next to the beach. The weather was perfect – deep blue skies and some small clouds. The hotel has a great location in the dunes so it is only a couple of metres away from the beach. I love going to beach – the waves that come rolling in, feeling the sand between my toes, the salty clean air, the shrieky sounds of the seagulls and finding treasures like feathers and shells. We sat on the beach and watched a beautiful sunset. This morning we enjoyed a big breakfast buffet so I think I will skip lunch today. Now it’s back to work. I hope you all have a great week!

Sunset 2SunsetSunset 3SeabirdsReneBeachbeach housesBeach walkWijk aan Zee square

Weekend Scenes

Some scenes from this weekend.


We found this blue car in one of the streets in the city center. This is exactly the reason why I love blue cars so much. I hope to drive around in a car like this one day!breakfast in bed

It’s been a while since Rene and I enjoyed breakfast in bed so we decided to start our sunday like this.klavertje vijf

This is my favorite flowershop in Haarlem. Their storefront is continually changing and they have by far the best choice in flowers and plants.Sunlight VijfhoekEarly morning walks are my favorite – the light and shadows are always stunning and everything looks so calm.


A day off

I’ve been very busy lately. The last couple of weekends were filled with family stuff and work. This friday I decided to give myself a day off. I went for a walk in the city, visited my favorite place for some coffee and went browsing books in a thrift store. It was a very relaxed and laid back day and it was good to blow off some steam. I think if you’re working as a freelancer you might sometimes forget to take some time off  and get away from the computer.



Goodbye August, Hello September

August was not exactly what anyone had hoped for. Instead of warm and sunny days we got chilly and crisp days filled with a lot of rain (some parts of the Netherlands were flooded at the beginning of August!). It was a really productive month though, I had a great work flow and even kept on working in the weekends. But there was also time for long walks, coffee and books. Nothing beats a strong coffee and a good book while the rain is pouring outside. Here are some of my favorite moments in photo’s:

burger night

At the beginning of August, when we were still able to have dinner outside, we made ourselves some really nice burgers (thanks for the inspiration Pinterest!).

flat whitebreakfasttilesPretty tiles are everywhere! Lately I’m quite obsessed with floors and in HaarlemOne of the best things I like about living in Haarlem, besides the fact that it is next to Amsterdam, is going for long walks through the city center. The city center is so pretty and I always discover new streets and pretty houses like this one.

sunday breakfastavocado pit plantOur avocado pit plant started to grow really fast and became quite big. Time to put it in a pot soon!coffee
cottoncakehutspotOn a sunny sunday (yeah sunny!) we went to de Pijp in Amsterdam. It is one of my favorite neighbourhoods in Amsterdam and there are lots of nice coffee cafe’s, conceptstores and restaurants. We went for some coffee at COTTONCAKE and oude pijpoudezijds achterburgwal

Oh, Amsterdam..
iced latteheadfirst coffeeroasters

I finally got around visiting Headfirst Coffee Roasters. They can be described as some serious coffee connaisseurs and I enjoyed one of the best iced latte’s in Amsterdam. A must-visit when you find yourself in Amsterdam.