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Denmark part 1; Hejlsminde

We’ve only spend a week in Denmark but it was the perfect trip to get rid of any stress, anxiety and worries we’ve had in the last couple of weeks. Rene started a new job yesterday and I’m full of inspiration to start working again on new designs.

We decided to go camping in Denmark (we go camping every summer) and our first stop was a small village by the name of Hejlsminde. It is located in South Jutland and lies at one of the many bays of the Little Belt. My parents stayed here in a summer house last May and described it as an oase of calmness. And that it was for sure! The campsite is located on a small hill from where you have a nice view at the bay. We were blessed with sunny days and warm evenings. I got to swim in the sea, went for an evening walk every day  and we barbecued in front of our tent.

karin sunset


Hejlsminde – If you look closely, you can see our campsite on the left side of the hill

What better way to explore nature than going for evening walks when the lowering sun is making everything look golden?

Going on a trip to Denmark

We’re leaving to spend a week in Denmark. Rene is switching jobs so that leaves us with some extra weeks of vacation (yay!) Follow me on Instagram for some recent updates. See you soon!




A day in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is a neighbourhood in London which you could describe in a few words; urban, industrial buildings, street art, a great selection of hip shops, restaurants and coffee shops. You’ll get the idea. We wandered through the streets of Shoreditch for a whole day when we were in London admiring the graffiti and fell in love with all the pretty shops. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCWe discovered this place called The Albion. It’s a cafe and small shop and their interior looks wonderful! They offer a great selection of food and drinks so a must visit.

SONY DSCQuite near the Albion we found a shop called Labour And WaitThey sell a great collection of simple and clean designed home ware products.aesopAnother recommendation is the Aesop shop in Shoreditch. They have amazing skin care products and their store has such a lovely interior.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSince Shoreditch is quite old there are a lot of beautiful historical buildings and houses everywhere. I could totally see myself living in this area!SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCYou can find a lot of graffiti in Shoreditch made by great artists (like Banksy).


Goodbye June, Hello July

Summer officially started, we went to London, spent a week in the North of the Netherlands, I sold a bunch of designs. Yes, it was a good month on many fronts. Here are some favorite shots I took with Instagram in June.

deskWe got a new desk! It was homemade by my father in law and wood stained by me. Rene and me are so happy with this workspace, we can now both work without poking each other.cherries on the beachcherries
The season of cherries started and I was totally fine with that.
at the parents Spending the week at both our parents places looks something like this. It was good to take a break from things and see the parents a little more than usual. My mum made us some pancakes!
peonies London HousesFlowers in London
These houses were one of the first houses we saw in London. We stayed at a hostel across the street from the British Museum and the neighbourhood (Bloomsbury) was filled with nice houses and cute flowers.Interior Freestate CoffeeHyde ParkHanging out in Hyde Park on a beautiful sunny day.Daunt BooksIf only all the bookstores looked like this! We paid a visit to Daunt Books which was by far one of the most beautiful bookstores I’ve ever seen.Rene at the Tate Britain

Museums are free to visit in London which I totally love! They depend fully on donations and I think that is way better than asking an entry fee. We visited a whole bunch of cool museums and gallery’s like Tate Britain where we really liked the round stairs.St Paul's Cathedral

Walking toward the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Very much in love with this photo, I keep looking at it since we’re back home.