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Some sightseeing in London

It’s already been two weeks since we left to enjoy London for a week. We had such a fun time in this metropole and drank so many good flat whites, enjoyed a whole bunch of museums and gallery’s and drank beers in typical English pubs. I sorted out the tons of photo’s this weekend and I’m totally ready to share them with you guys! You’re looking at the first post of the series which covers the sightseeing we did. We didn’t do this much since we love to discover the ‘undiscovered’ and less touristy things when we go on a citytrip. However you can not say you’ve been to London without seeing things like the Big Ben (also known as the Elizabeth Tower), the Tower Bridge, the Eye of London and Westminster Abbey. My favorite sight however was the St. Pauls Cathedral which really impressed me. When you’re walking away from the Eye of London towards the Tower Bridge it’s not hard to spot the beautiful dome of St. Pauls.


The Eye of London. We’ve seen it with some really dark skies hanging above it and some nice blue skies. I prefer the blue and it is quite the eye catcher if you’re strolling along the Thames.SONY DSCbig benThe Big Ben / Elizabeth Tower is something I wanted to see for quite some years. Love the colors and details it has, mass tourism walking if you’re walking towards it though!

SONY DSCLovely shot of one of the two towers of Westminster Abbey. We walked away from the crowd and found ourselves wandering to some quiet lovely streets behind Westminster Abbey to take this shot. I recommend the little streets behind it because the houses are so cute here!SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

A less touristy sight is St. Pancras, an international station in the heart of London. We looked this up at home before going and decided we had to see it because we both fell in love with the roof. And it sure was spectacular! SONY DSCThere are a lot of nice bridges to cross along the Thames. This was taken at the Golden Jubilee Bridge.

10520487_867951286566273_270073531_nLovely St. Paul’s Cathedral. SONY DSCSONY DSCThe Tower of London and its protecting lions.


Me and Rene at the Tower Bridge taken by a very nice Asian tourist

Upcoming posts about London include a day in Shoreditch and a coffee guide to London’s finest flat whites.

We’re going on a trip


We’re going on a trip to London next week! I’m very excited to go away for a couple of days and have some rest. The last trip was to Lisbon in November and that feels so long ago!

We will leave next saturday by bus / boat and will stay in London till Saturday the 21st. I bought a Herb Lester map this week to get in the mood. The map was designed by Anna Hurley and features 61 of the best specials suppliers in London.


We’re planning to couch surf but so far we hadn’t many positive responses from people, so we might end up booking a room with Airbnb again. If you have any tips for London feel free to leave them in a message!

Food festival de Rollende Keukens

Last friday we went to a food festival in Amsterdam called ‘De Rollende Keukens’, in English ‘The Rolling Kitchens’. It earned that name because of the fact that it exists out of food trucks. It is an huge open air festival that offers more than 100 food trucks, music and a great atmosphere. This was the seventh edition of ‘De Rollende Keukens’ and it gets more popular every year.

We chose to go on a friday afternoon since it was lovely weather and we hoped it would not be as crowded. It was indeed not too crowded and we got hungry right away triggered by the lovely smells of food.


We had these spicy meatballs called the ‘Bollywood Balls’ and they were amazing!


Besides all the lovely food everywhere we also enjoyed some music. Loved the whole country style of this guy.

I wanted to try something new so I got myself this drink. It’s chia seed lemonade made with rose water. It looked so weird.. the chia seeds made me think of tiny little fish. I kind of enjoyed the first half but when I only had chia seeds left it didn’t taste so good anymore. Would not recommend it.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

We had some mini doughnuts and watched them being made right in front of us. These were heavenly! By far the best doughnuts I had in quite a while.


Rene and I were both born in Friesland, a provence in the north of the Netherlands, so we loved seeing this Frisian dude making some traditional Frisian burgers.

Goodbye May, Hello June

Hello there June! Looking back at all the photos I took in May is such a pleasure. I discovered three themes among my photos on Instagram; Floral, Food and Coffee.
Bloomsurban gardendoors haarlembloemen atelier

Much love for all the urban gardens we came across on our walks in the city. It’s so inspiring to see how creative people can be with small gardens. The photo above with the vintage bike was taken at one of the most beautiful flower shops in Haarlem ‘Klavertje Vijf‘.

mothers day

The card I designed for Mother’s Day. It was a good design month for me, I’ve sold a couple of designs and there is much work in progress. One of my designs got featured on the homepage of Redbubble. You can have a look at some of my designs here.

smoothiepumpkin souppizzabbqsushiicecream

We made a lot of smoothies with our brand new (free) smoothie maker, had the first BBQ of the year in our garden, made pumpkin soup, had pizza and ate lots of ice cream. I made sushi for the first time and it turned out pretty well (and super delicious!).

portrait WolkersSuperfex bedroom

I was happy with finding a new old camera for our camera collection at the antique market. I also bought myself these peonies (my favorite flowers!) to celebrate the sales I made on Redbubble.


Oh how pretty Amsterdam looks these days. May and June are definitely the best months in Amsterdam. Flowers are in bloom, the trees are green and there are so many boats in the canals. I can walk for hours and hours besides the canals, looking at all the boats and people walking by.

I am excited for June because my parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and we’re going on a trip! I will tell you more about the trip this week.